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nafex - Re: [nafex] Apple Recommendations

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  • From: fluffy bunny <>
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  • Subject: Re: [nafex] Apple Recommendations
  • Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 17:27:02 -0400

Ed wrote:

Firstly, the term "expert" is highly relavent, or is directly related
one's personal bias!!!

My reply:

I would agree with the first part of your declaration, and expand on the
second part as follows.

Or the amount of money you spend marketing an expert, or how much
marketing effort the expend creating an illusion, or how much marketing
effort the institution/association/affiliation extends in promoting their
designation for an "expert".

A wonderful easy read on the subject can be found in Robert Ringer's
classic "looking out for #1". I believe the chapter is the "expert from

One possible interpretation of this would be that most people are sheep,
and look to experts that generally are no more qualified to lead then
they are, other than the fact that they have a proclivity toward

Ed wrote:

Re: comments above, my guess is that your "Black Gilliflower" is
if can ascertain any flavor in it!!

My reply:

Gee, Ed...don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel.

Ed wrote:

4. Freyberg - Banana-like with a touch of overripe raspberry.

My reply:


Ed wrote:

7. Braeburn - Murder to grow (sus. to every apple problem), but
enough complex acids to make it great.

My reply:

Maybe you meant to say mediocre???

Ed wrote:

16. Honeycrisp - For those who equate flavor with its wonderful

My reply:

In the words of a former President: "There you go again" : )

Seriously Ed...I have often heard you make this statement and wonder
about it as much. I love HoneyCrisp and find it to have a wonderful
flavor. However mine were all Minnesota grown. I am curious where
yours came from?

The reason I bring this up is last year(one tough year for fruit)I had
fruit from several sources. I noticed a great deal of variety in
Northern Spy(about my favorite apple). It went from bland to a knockout
in taste and seemed to follow climate lines. In other words zone 4b and
5a Spys are very good, with the zone 4b being much more pronounced in

I wonder if you are not having a similar experience with Honey Crisp? I
am influenced by texture in the sense I am not found on mushy apples, but
I doubt that is what my palate is detecting. (for one I am not a real
crisp fruit fan...water melon is okay, I enjoy them but in general they
do little for me. And a flavorless water melon does even less for me,
which is what I believe Ed is stating about Honey Crisp. He finds it
all sweetness and texture and not much else. This is a contrast to my
experiences. I note that the HoneyCrisps I have had had a texture
similar to some Asian Pears, but juicier. Yet with the exception of
Chojuro(my favorite)to my palate it beats the socks off of all of them
for flavor. Therefore I can't help but wonder how much climate has to do
with this.

Wishing all of you the very best,

the fluffy one

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