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nafex - Re: [nafex] Apple Recommendations

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  • From: Ed & Pat Fackler <>
  • To:
  • Subject: Re: [nafex] Apple Recommendations
  • Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 18:08:25 -0400

Aw, Hell, I thought the fluffster was mega po'ed at everyone or had went into
the briar patch for one 'em academic sabbaticals!!!!
Welcome back---we all missed that silver tongue!!!!

fluffy bunny wrote:

> Ed wrote:
> Re: comments above, my guess is that your "Black Gilliflower" is
> mislabeled
> if can ascertain any flavor in it!!
> My reply:
> Gee, Ed...don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel.

My response------

Black Gilliflower (the real thing) as grown here, was bland. Excellent
for drying, but so are many others which have superior flavor.
And I'm fairly certain there are a number of mislabeled versions around.

> Ed wrote:
> 7. Braeburn - Murder to grow (sus. to every apple problem), but
> possesses
> enough complex acids to make it great.
> My reply:
> Maybe you meant to say mediocre???

My response--------

Seriously, Braeburn can be very good to excellent. It blooms very early
and almost always the kings get frozen out--in some years all are frozen
out. Mites simply love it. It is hyper sensative to bitter
pit----------need I say more.

You wrote-----------------------

> 16. Honeycrisp - For those who equate flavor with its wonderful
> texture.
> My reply:
> In the words of a former President: "There you go again" : )
> Seriously Ed...I have often heard you make this statement and wonder
> about it as much. I love HoneyCrisp and find it to have a wonderful
> flavor. However mine were all Minnesota grown. I am curious where
> yours came from?

My response-------

Indeed, northern HoneyCrisp apples are much better. The one's I've
sampled were grown here. IN a few years, they can approach good (not
great). We are too far south-----or the intense sunlight "kinda washes out
flavor"--------same in central Ohio.
However, even here, folks simply went ape over the texture and equated
it with "flavor". Sorry 'bout that.

Further on Kevin's comments. The fluffster loves Chojuro Asian pear, as
I do.

Why not get an assessment on pear varieties while everyone is feeling
frisky anew (due to Kevin's shrewd literary skills!)..

Ed, Heaven, etc.

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