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sm-discuss - Re: [SM-Discuss] Why cmake?

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  • From: <lynx AT>
  • To: Vlad Glagolev <stealth AT>
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  • Subject: Re: [SM-Discuss] Why cmake?
  • Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2008 10:15:59 +0100

On 10:50 pm 12/18/08 Vlad Glagolev <stealth AT> wrote:
> Now when a few people overloaded my head with a question "WTF?!", I
> (like the others) wanna ask you: why cmake? Why do you add any extra
> software isn't really needed to build other software?!
> Another question disturbin me: why do you force devel/rc/testing
> versions of the spells as they are stable? That's not good, and that's
> not GNOME (Robin already argued about it).
> Neither me nor (i hope) the others wanna see their box like 00b00nt00
> or something else with a ton of useless binaries/libraries. Nowadays,
> Source Mage is the only distro where I can keep my system as compact as
> possible and pretty stable. So don't break my dream. Imho, we should
> keep it as minimalistic as possible. That's why we use this system.
> Before I've joined there were a lot of extra dependencies in hundreds
> of spells. I fixed them added needed flags, removed really useless
> dependencies, and with those changes my system (at that time) went down
> from ~470 spells to ~420. Now I have full-featured desktop system at
> home (540 spells) and at work (430 spells), and I don't have cmake.
> Pango is the one of basic spells, and I don't really need cmake to
> build it, really.
> Thanks for understanding.
I suggest you be less impulsive and cool down before shouting on
sm-discuss. That way you have more time to analyse the problem and higher
chances of making sense.
You could have reacted much nicer too, instead of taking things in your
hands and yelling at Treeve (eg. "Hey, I don't like this change, is it
really needed?"). We don't need such poisonous behaviour.

So the problem is this build system switch, but neither you or Treeve
provided enough documentation about it. Albert said it is "a choice", but
for how long? Will both be supported indefinitely? Are the implementations
equivalent with regard to bugs and features? Is one going out? Soon?
All these affect the agreeability of the change.

Also, Source Mage is about choice and it is pretty simple to have both
build systems in place.


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