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nafex - Re: [nafex] how to keep squirrels of trees

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  • Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2013 17:32:33 -0400

A minor addition to the discourse: I purchased 2 traps from Kania last year,
(expensive, but
reportedly extremely effective - see their website). They never caught a
darn thing, either at
my place, nor at a friend's who is much more experienced than I. I contacted
Kania, who
said that they work extremely well as supplied - for grey squirrels, But
the much smaller
Eastern Red squirrels need modifications - wrap the trigger wire with grass
or some such to
markedly narrow the opening, (it is a square wire frame. The reds simply
step through it,
while they are supposed to push against it as they reach for the bait), and
file the trigger
mechanism to make it a hair trigger. I haven't tested this as yet. But my
Eastern Reds
consistently ate the bait I left them - apples and peanut butter. (They just
didn't trigger the
trap.) I would point out that the Kania traps don't fool around with
questions of relocation -
they despatch their subjects instantly to their just rewards. No stress
induced by forcible
confinement. No need to establish a network of friends in a new
neighbourhood. No
concerns about introducing contagion into a vulnerable population, or pissing
off the
neighbours, or bringing down the might of the law upon one's head. Clean,
and definitive.

> On 11/25/2013 7:56 PM, wrote:
> > I've got about 15 apple trees & peach trees and last summer I lost
> > everything to squirrels who would eat about 1/2 a fruit & then drop
> > it. It is next to a woods, so they can jump onto the trees. I have
> > a fence around the whole orchard, topped with an electric fence
> > which I bait with peanut butter to keep deer out, and that works.
> > But the squirrels are driving me crazy. Is there anything like
> > plastic snakes, owls, etc I could put in the trees? Or any other
> > ideas? Jerry in southern Indiana __________________
> >
> Jerry,
> The only thing that worked for me was population reduction.
> Setting out two Havaheart
> traps over the course of a season netted me about 30 the first
> year. That went down
> appreciably to almost none, at this time. True, squirrels are
> territorial and do migrate
> back into an area once it is vacated, but that has not been my
> experience.
> Sherwin in Morton Grove, IL

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