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cc-licenses - Re: [cc-licenses] Founders as a module? was Re: Getting to Version 3.0

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Subject: Development of Creative Commons licenses

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  • From: rob AT
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  • Subject: Re: [cc-licenses] Founders as a module? was Re: Getting to Version 3.0
  • Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 12:05:24 +0100

Quoting Greg London <email AT>:

I think Rob's point was a scenario where Alice chooses
to use Founder's with an N year delay to public domain release,
and at N-1, Alice freaks and wants to keep her work under the
original, more restrictive, license. So, she willingly choose it
at the start, but before the release period was up, she changed
her mind and wants to revoke it.

I could be wrong.

Your description of the scenario is correct.

I don't have much sympathy for Alice in this situation,

Nor me.

but I could see an uneducated media hyping it all out
of whack about how CC is "stealing" someone's work.

Yup. There's also malice as well as ignorance, it would be a gift to various
organisations that are pathologically opposed to any form of CC licensing.

- Rob.

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