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nafex - Re: [nafex] anyone know why a lot of the NAFEX posts are going in my gmail spam filter?

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  • From: Lawrence London <>
  • To: nafex mailing list at ibiblio <>
  • Subject: Re: [nafex] anyone know why a lot of the NAFEX posts are going in my gmail spam filter?
  • Date: Sat, 3 May 2014 01:59:22 -0400

On Sat, May 3, 2014 at 12:17 AM, sherwin <> wrote:

> I think Larry explained this quite clearly. There is a known problem
> with
> mail sent by AOL and Yahoo people. Ibiblio, our server for the forum is
> attempting to forward these messages to Nafex forum members and is
> flagging it as spam.

ibiblio isn't flagging our list subscribers' posts origination from their
yahoo or aol accounts,
it is merely trying to preserve and send along header information from the
original poster's
message while adding its own unique header information. When Gmail gets
these messages
_it_ marks some of them as spam because it can not determine that the email
addresses of
list members with yahoo or aol accounts is real or not, i.e. it thinks that
the _could_ have originated
from some possibly malicious hacked account generating and spreading
viruses or......spam.
As Sherwin said, anyone with aol or yahoo email accounts which includes ATT
customers using
the email service it offers which is provided by yahoo, may find that the
missing list messages were deleted upstream
and never made it to customers' inboxes or spam or trash folders. I can
check to see if this is happening with my ATT/yahoo accounts
some of which are subscribed to this and other ibiblio lists.
bellsouth.netmay be handling email differently that and I may find that I am receiving all list posts with some sent to
spam. Since I use the Thunderbird client app for my accounts
ATT/yahoo/bellsouth may be sending along all list traffic (and non list
traffic from people with yahoo or aol accounts) with only the usual
upstream spam prefiltering. This may be the case, I will have to take a
look. You have to train Thunderbird to identify and process email that you
tell it is spam, it does not happen automatically,
att/yahoo/bellsouth.nethave no control over how your email client
behaves, you train and configure
it yourself. I am thinking that att/yahoo/belsouth may indeed be
prefiltering select yahoo or aol email traffic upstream such that when you
go online, activate your email client and download new email, that some
list messages may not be in the feed at all. I will compare my
bellsouth.netnafex archives with my nafex archives (mirrored by Thunderbird, Claws and Opera) and
then with the online archives at the nafex list homepage.


> This is because AOL and Yahoo have gone over to a
> format that is no longer standard in the industry. I believe only Gmail
> users
> like yourself are seeing these messages as spam. Other email handlers like
> sbcglobal, AT&T, etc., are just discarding them. I don't know how this is
> going to be fixed, but there is nothing that Ibiblio can do about it. I
> manage
> the Midfex forum on Ibiblio, and we are seeing the same behavior over
> there.
> Sherwin Dubren

Lawrence F. London

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