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nafex - Re: [nafex] anyone know why a lot of the NAFEX posts are going in my gmail spam filter?

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  • From: Lawrence London <>
  • To: nafex mailing list at ibiblio <>
  • Subject: Re: [nafex] anyone know why a lot of the NAFEX posts are going in my gmail spam filter?
  • Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2014 12:55:21 -0400

On Wed, Apr 30, 2014 at 11:08 AM, mIEKAL aND <> wrote:

> I keep clicking that posts are not spam, yet they continue to go into
> the spam filter... Something has changed in the last few weeks.
> Lawrence?

It has been happening to many people and a number of lists at ibiblio,
including Midfex.
The problem is exclusively Yahoo/AOL/MSN/etc/etc and their new email
handling procedures.
The messages will be appended to the list's archives but some (all?)
members of this and other lists will, depending on the email service or
email client app
they use will either 1) not receive certain messages because their service
or client filters them out and deletes them upstream or 2) you receive all
list messages but some will be flagged as spam or possibly trash. If you
think you are missing posts from this or other lists at ibiblio (or other
lists on other servers) be sure to check your spam or trash folder and
UNMARK them as "not spam" or move them out of the trash bin.Messages in
question will be permanently archived where they were originally intended,
i.e. inbox or some folder or Gmail "label" designated for archival of list
posts. Miekal, once you unmark them as spam they stay that way but some new
messages may be flagged as spam. The problem is with Yahoo, AOL and other
services adding unorthodox or non standard (different from the standards
the Gmail and other services use) headers or header information inserted in
existing headers or something else entirely. There is a technical article
on what has been happening on the web and I posted it here a week or so
ago, search the archives for the past two weeks or so.. There is not much
any of us can do to fix this problem. It is likely to continue so I
recommend everyone check their spam and trash folders before purging them

Let me know if I can do more to help list subscribers manage this new


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