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  • Subject: Re: [NAFEX] Jujube
  • Date: Wed, 5 May 2010 23:19:06 -0400

I'm a few miles north (and slightly west) of Detroit/Windsor and I've got a
couple jujube's. They are all young, well all except for one that is now
going into its 3rd or 4th year. (the rest are all from last year or this)
The older one is a Shanxi Li (R. Meyer). It has grown each year, from the
same growth points as the previous year, adding little new growth from the
originally planted tree. It did suffer bark-splitting on the eastern side
(of its roughly pencil-thickness stem) two years in a row, but I think I've
addressed this problem by using a tubex this past winter. (no damage noted
this spring). None of the newly planted trees from last year have any
damage this year, though either.

I have not had any fruiting on them yet, though one of the new ones did
bloom last year, it did not set anything. Growth on all of the jujube's has
been poor for me, though I am hoping this will change this year (with a more
regimented fertilization and watering program for them). So (a contorted
variety) in its 2nd year lost some of the older growth (from before I had
received it) but much of the newer growth from last year survived and has
started new growth already. All varieties are pushing leaves at this time
with R4T3 being the most vigorous.

Scott Hills
Zone 6b Michigan

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Some years ago the Pomona carried a short article about someone who had
successfuly grown and I think fruited a *seedling* jujube at Chatham,
Ontario, a few miles east of Windsor/Detroit on the way to London. This
is just a bit colder than the probably coldest commercial peach growing
area a little way to the southwest and closer to Lake Erie. So I think
that as others have said or implied, there are probably cultivars or
possible seedlings that are adapted to your area. Since they have been
grown in the eastern U.S. for a long time, it should be possible to find

Doug Woodard
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

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