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nafex - Re: [NAFEX] Fw: Little Leaf Linden ,Tilia Cordata

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  • Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2009 05:29:15 -0600

I have Tilia cordata 'Swedish Upright' here in SW WI--they are plants grafted from the Arnold Arboretum's plant which was wild collected in south central Sweden.  I have a dozen trees and the nearest wild Tilia americana would be at least a couple miles away and probably beyond bee range.  There may be a yard tree I don't know about somewhere closer but my nearest neighbor is a quarter mile away, the second, a half.  I expect them to be as pure as you'll find outside Europe.  I can look for seeds or send you scionwood if you like.  I don't get volunteer seedlings  (hooray) so I can't tell you if the tree is self fertile.  You'll have to research that on your own.  I've never tried planting them.  I find the scent of the tree somewhat disappointing compared to other littleleaf clones out there.  I planted them for scent and bee forage, but chose the 'Swedish Upright' to assure hardiness in my cold climate. So far they are.
Steve Herje
SW Wisconsin USA USDA zone 3-4
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Subject: [NAFEX] Fw: Little Leaf Linden ,Tilia Cordata

I have read that the young leaves of the Little Leaf Linden is a very good substitute for lettuce in salads. The flowers can be used as a tea.  True or not, I am looking for a few small ,genuine Little Leaf seedlings that have not hybridized with other Lindens.
I may have to get grafted stock or maybe "cutting" of verified purity.
I do not trust the purity of seeds unless they came from Poland.
Any suggestions?
Does anyone know of a Little Leaf in Southern Indiana?  From them I might be able to get "cuttings" later.
Thank you
Larry D. Cook

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