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nafex - [NAFEX] farming observations

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  • From: "fuwa fuwa usagi" <>
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  • Subject: [NAFEX] farming observations
  • Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2007 19:30:07 -0800

Tom writes:

A farmer with spare time...?

My reply:

My back yard neighbor is a farmer. He grows corn, soybean, and pop corn (for
an endowment) on most acreage (over 1000 acres), he also grow apples, grapes,
peaches, raspberries, and the usual garden variety goodies for personal
consumption...that being said he is 89 years old.

He lives to farm, that is his life and all that matters to him - so he has no
spare time. His spare time is spent farming. He hated my guts when I first
moved in, and now I am his favorite "cause I know what land is for". He
hates the weeds in my yard and gripes about them, but he claims he has never
seen better "dirt" then mine. He is always getting samples and showing his

Tom writes;

I know that farmers with less than 1,000 acres need to diversify. It is
difficult to keep your head above water if your single cash crop
plummets on the commodities market.

My reply:

I got the idea form the AG school grads I know that they use the commodity
markets to hedge their bets.

I also had the distinct idea that in the states most peoplew with 1000 acres
or so were really in the real estate business and just running crops to get a
tax break on the land.

Tom writes:

Dairy, pigs, beef cattle, cash crops all chew up time. Then there is
machinery maintenance, break downs and business planning. I have never
known a farmer with spare time, unless you are talking about a farm with
enough hands to make the work load lighter. However, unless the farms
hands are "family" they are too expensive.

My reply:

I have an acquaintance who works for IBM as a techy, he also owns several
thousands of aces of Kansas farm land which he leases to others and take s a
percentage of the crops. I guess that is smart farming. His job takes in
100K plus and his farms return about the same without him ever having to work
the farm.

Tom writes;

I know a number of small farmers and their life is their farm, with very
little time for hobbies.

My reply:

Years ago, I wrote in this very forum about this. But if you want prestige
farming is not going to get it for you. Most people will speak to you in one
syllable words, assume you marry your sister, and feel compelled to explain
what the Internet is to you every time they meet you, as well as tell you
that there is an election this year.

So it is good farming is their life, as they would probably prefer to run
people over with their tractors when they talked to them anyways.

lil' ol' me

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