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nafex - Re: [NAFEX] Plum cracking

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  • From: Anton Callaway <>
  • To: North American Fruit Explorers <>
  • Subject: Re: [NAFEX] Plum cracking
  • Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2004 22:22:00 -0400 (GMT-04:00)

You might try giving the trees several applications of foliar calcium
starting about a week after petal fall and then every couple of weeks
thereafter till the fruit begins to color. I've used calcium acetate and
calcium gluconate on other fruit (haven't had a cracking problem on the plums
yet), but calcium chloride as for preventing blossom end rot of tomatoes
should work fine (if calcium is going to help at all). It is also
interesting that the small-fruited plums of Bruce haven't had any cracking
problems, but the original post mentioning the cracking was about
large-fruited cultivars. Calcium distribution is particularly difficult in
large fruits (the soil can be rich in calcium, but various other factors,
including uneven watering can prevent sufficient uptake and movement of
calcium to the heavy sinks, like developing fruits.

Anyway, it may be something else causing the cracking, but if you try the
calcium, I'd be interested to find out if it helps you.


Zone 8

-----Original Message-----
From: Bruce Wittchen <>
Sent: Jul 31, 2004 9:34 AM
Subject: [NAFEX] Plum cracking

If those plums were tomatoes, I'd say it happened because the trees ran dry
and then got a good soaking. But that happens to my plums and I've never
seen a crack. Maybe the little European plums I grow are less susceptible.
By the way, was the original Green Gage a real gage (small fruit)? The green
plums sold in our groceries aren't gages.
Bruce Wittchen
1/2 mile outside Hartford, CT

> Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2004 13:29:54 -0400
> From: "Gene Spears" <>
> Subject: [NAFEX] Plum cracking

> For the first time, I'm getting some plums off of a number of my trees -
> Red Heart, Superior, and Kanga (sp?). Most of the plums on all the trees
> are cracked - split skin, some leaking. Any cultural techniques that I can
> use to reduce this problem?
> As an aside, I have one seedling tree from a Green Gage fruit I bought in
> the supermarket that is also fruiting for the first time. No signs of
> cracking on this one, so far.
> thanks,
> gene
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