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nafex - RE: [NAFEX] Prunus serotina seed

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  • Subject: RE: [NAFEX] Prunus serotina seed
  • Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2003 22:30:56 -0500


As the engineer of a recent up-screwing with North Star cherry pits while
attempting to store them to be grown out next year, I recommend you dry
your pits before putting them into storage. I put mine away in cold storage
when only surface dry, as you did, after a too long cleaning/fermenting
period at outside temps, and it wasn't long before that fermentation smell
turned to rotten smell, which with Prunus seed is an unmistakable and
life-long aroma experience. Subsequent investigation in Hartman and in the
USDA "Seeds of Woody Plants in the US" has turned up these items FOR PRUNUS

1. Flesh and juice should be removed promptly.
2. Moisture content must be low (4-6%) for long term storage (over one
year), but as high as surface-dry moisture conditions can be tolerated
for up to one year, if temp is low.
3. Storage should be at refrigerator temps (33-41F)
4. Moisture content should not fluctuate during storage (use sealed
5. Seed should be dried at room temp or below.
6. Excessive drying is detrimental but almost impossible to achieve if the
above conditions are maintained. Detrimental is somewhere below 4-6%. It is
impossible in MN to get air dried firewood below 15-20%, and the 4-6%
moisture content limit is only attainable in the super-dry atmosphere of a
heated building in mid-winter. Kiln dried lumber is supposed to finish at
6-8%, but almost never can be gotten that dry in the summertime - and this
with high heat and/or humidity reduction. My solution for drying for long
term storage is to air dry at the time of harvest and refrigerate, then
complete the drying inside as a party activity on New Years Eve.

Central Mn
zone 4a

> [Original Message]
> From: tanis cuff <>
> To: <>
> Date: 8/30/03 4:34:01 PM
> Subject: [NAFEX] Prunus serotina seed
> To save me the time of figuring out how to use the on-line exchange page,
> I'm offering black cherry seeds to NAFEXers thru the listserv.
> For members who recall the previous discussion, I ended up cleaning the
> berries by rolling/ mashing them on a screen. I placed a 1/4" screen
> a 1/8" screen, placed berries on top of the 1/4", and squished. Rinsed
> water over the mess frequently. Some seeds went thru the 1/4", a couple
> got stuck in the mesh, but all got clean, fairly quickly. I ended up
> more than a pint of seed. Want some ? (Email off-list, and be patient
> please awaiting my reply.)
> I started the seed cleaning by rinsing & draining every 12 hours, until I
> noticed a smell of fermentation. Some internet info I'd found
> not fermenting the seeds too much, so I wanted to remove the pulp ASAP.
> that's when I did the squishing. After squishing, I rinsed the cleaned
> seeds several times, until the water stayed clear. I then rolled up the
> seeds in a generous amount of paper towels, until I could get ahold of
> peat moss or other medium, and sealed them in a bag. Now the part that
> worries me : about 12 hours later, I noticed the bag was buldging.
> opening the bag, I smelled fermentation ! Even with no pulp (and not
> moisture) to support the process ! Can anyone comment on whether this
> would have damaged the germination potential ?
> And any suggestions on doing this better the next time ?
> Tanis Cuff, s.WI

> [Original Message]
> From: tanis cuff <>
> To: <>
> Date: 8/22/03 9:32:23 AM
> Subject: [NAFEX] Prunus serotina germination
> I'm hoping to propagate a fairly nice P.serotina. I've collected about a
> pint of fruit, and want to grow the seeds. Found some good info via
> internet searches, but wonder if anyone has some helpful tips-- I've
> intentionally grown this before.
> The "five year plan" is to produce seedlings to plant out &/or graft the
> mother tree onto. Thanks for any input, on-list or off.
> Tanis Cuff

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