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nafex - [NAFEX] Prunus serotina seed

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  • From: "tanis cuff" <>
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  • Subject: [NAFEX] Prunus serotina seed
  • Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2003 21:34:01 +0000

To save me the time of figuring out how to use the on-line exchange page, I'm offering black cherry seeds to NAFEXers thru the listserv.

For members who recall the previous discussion, I ended up cleaning the berries by rolling/ mashing them on a screen. I placed a 1/4" screen over a 1/8" screen, placed berries on top of the 1/4", and squished. Rinsed water over the mess frequently. Some seeds went thru the 1/4", a couple got stuck in the mesh, but all got clean, fairly quickly. I ended up with more than a pint of seed. Want some ? (Email off-list, and be patient please awaiting my reply.)

I started the seed cleaning by rinsing & draining every 12 hours, until I noticed a smell of fermentation. Some internet info I'd found recommended not fermenting the seeds too much, so I wanted to remove the pulp ASAP. So that's when I did the squishing. After squishing, I rinsed the cleaned seeds several times, until the water stayed clear. I then rolled up the seeds in a generous amount of paper towels, until I could get ahold of some peat moss or other medium, and sealed them in a bag. Now the part that worries me : about 12 hours later, I noticed the bag was buldging. Upon opening the bag, I smelled fermentation ! Even with no pulp (and not much moisture) to support the process ! Can anyone comment on whether this would have damaged the germination potential ?

And any suggestions on doing this better the next time ?

Tanis Cuff, s.WI

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