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cc-licenses - Re: [cc-licenses] Lawsuit over Virgin Mobile's and Ethical Use

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Subject: Development of Creative Commons licenses

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  • To: "Discussion on the Creative Commons license drafts" <cc-licenses AT>
  • Subject: Re: [cc-licenses] Lawsuit over Virgin Mobile's and Ethical Use
  • Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2007 12:34:14 +0700

It is regrettable that civilised people cannot agree in principle to
what is 'ethical'
(such as fundamental Human Rights charter).
Well luckily, it is perfectly legal to attach a set of clauses to a
standard contract in any country, and under any jurisdiction that I
know of

So, my cc licenses from now on will have a 'ethical usage', as per a
definition to be finalized. Which means, the work is licensed under cc
provided the ethical clause is met.

And I will campaign for others to do the same


On 9/29/07, jonathon <jonathon.blake AT> wrote:
> Paola wrote:
> > used in conjunction with any of the following usages
> > - activities against human rights charter
> a) Can you name a single country whose laws are 100% congruent with
> the UN Declaration of Human Rights?
> b) Can you justify that set of Human Rights, in light of the
> demonstrations that it advocates the immoral and unethical treatment
> of people, from the perspective of Randian Objectivism, Catholic
> Liberation Theology, Sharia Law, The Ethical Decalogue, amongst other
> philosophical/theological/political philosophies.
> > - activities that exploit and abuse people especially children
> In Thailand, child prostitution is legal. In Saudi Arabia, slavery is legal.
> Under this proposal, a slave trader operating in Saudi Arabia could
> use your work, because what they are doing is legal. Likewise the
> owner of a brothel specializing in child-prostitutes in Thailand could
> legally use your work. In both instances the rational is the same---
> the work is legal, and thus no more exploitive of people than any
> other trade.
> > - to sell unhealthy product and products that harm the environment
> Due to the criticism of the fats in its products, McDonald's switched
> to using transfats. Within a decade they were under criticism again,
> for using transfats, on the grounds that they are dangerous to one's
> health. Here is a company trying to do the right thing, and using
> everything that was known at the time, getting criticized for making a
> decision that only in retrospect was "wrong"., The irony is that had
> McDonald's not made their decision, it would have taken much longer to
> find out what the health risks of transfats were.
> If a nuclear power plant does not fail, and if the radioactive
> material is properly disposed of,this is the most environmentally
> friendly way of producing electricity. If the waste products are
> incorrectly disposed of, or if the power plant fails, this is the most
> environmentally harmful way of producing electricity.
> xan
> jonathon
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