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wikiworld - [Wiki World] Wiki engine developers contacted

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  • From: "Milos Rancic" <millosh AT>
  • To: WikiWorld <wikiworld AT>
  • Subject: [Wiki World] Wiki engine developers contacted
  • Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2007 10:17:02 +0200

I contacted around 30 in general smaller projects. However, at least
two times I got the response that WikiCreole is the right place for
wiki standardization. So, I think that this list shouldn't be used for
that. (Someone could tell me that before ;) )

However, I think that it is still needed to see is it the right place
for talk about:
- Making meta parser. I want to have a method for copying texts from
one wiki to another.
- Merging some software with wiki, like version control system and
wiki are, like blog and wiki are and so on (yes, I know that there are
such software, but there are some other possible merging).

What do others think about that?

BTW, I prepared email for this list related to contacting wiki engine
projects. Here it is below.

* * *

Below is the list. In general, all of the contacted developers
represent engines which are in general smaller (or, at least, I was
able to find a single contact email). I didn't contact developers of
MediaWiki (while a number of them should know for the list), TikiWiki

I didn't contact PukiWiki developers because their site is in Japanese
:) While I have fonts, I can't guess where to click for contact; so I
left them for the time when I find someone who knows Japanese.

I delayed contact for all of the engines which developers or community
have a mailing list. (I will put this list on the wiki.)

# <s>Chabel; []</s> (Milos)
# <s>CitiWiki; []</s> (Milos)
# <s>DokuWiki; []</s> (Milos)
# <s>JAMWiki; []</s> (Milos)
# <s>JSPWiki; []</s> (Milos)
# <s>Mindquarry; []</s> (Milos)
# <s>Noösphere; [ösphere]</s> (Milos)
# <s>paswiki; []</s>
# <s>Oddmuse; []</s> (Milos)
# <s>Perspective;
# <s>PodWiki; []</s> (Milos)
# <s>screwturn; []</s> (Milos)
# <s>SnipSnap; []</s> (Milos)
# <s>Socialtext; []</s> (Milos)
# <s>TamTam; []</s> (Milos)
# <s>UnWakka; []</s> (Milos)
# <s>VQWiki; []</s> (Milos)
# <s>WackoWiki; []</s> (Milos)
# <s>WakkaWiki; []</s> (Milos)
# <s>Wiclear; []</s> (Milos)
# <s>ZohoWiki; []</s> (Milos)
# <s>Zwiki; []</s> (Milos)

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