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sm-discuss - Re: [SM-Discuss] Current KDE4?

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  • From: Thomas Orgis <thomas-forum AT>
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  • Subject: Re: [SM-Discuss] Current KDE4?
  • Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2015 18:40:21 +0100

Am Sat, 21 Mar 2015 14:40:09 +0100
schrieb Treeve Jelbert <treeve AT>:

> The main problem is knowing how to handle the transition from KDE4 ->
> KDE5, given that many applications have not yet been ported.

I was under the impression that KDE 4.14.3 is still the recommended
stable version for daily use. Is that wrong? Given that, a simple
update of current stuff in test to that version would make sense, I

> There seem to be two options:
> 1. force upgrade to latest version of each,, regardless of whether it
> requres qt4 or qt5.
> 2. allow users to decide, which means making two versions of kde
> available.
> I finally came to the conclusion that option 2 was the only viable one.

So, you mean kde4 and kde5 stuff (base and applications) wildly
conflicts with each other? Sheesh, I remember the days where it was
trivial to install multiple version of KDE simply each in it's own
prefix under /opt.

Does the picture continue that KDE technology advances while happily
dropping functionality or whole applications because folks are busy (or
not) upgrading the inner workings?

That would mean to me that we at least should make it easy for people
to use the KDE4 stuff, which might be approaching somewhat like
maturity in these times.

> At the time I did this, there seemed little prospect of a new stable
> release, so I have published them on github.

Well, we are on track with that now. Would you care to incorporate the
KDE4 updates into the main grimoire at least (4.12 to 4.14.3 shouldn't
be that hard)? That would make a spendit entry into the next stable
release. Or you could give me hints if there is something special to
look for, so that I can incorporate my 4.14.3 stuff (currently only the
libs+runtime stuff up to getting okular built and working).

Shipping with KDE 4.10 with the next stable grimoire in 2015 really
would be embarrassing (if we'd be serious about stable KDE, we'd ship anyway -- heck, there's a rather fresh
release over there, too;-).

> I would be glad to see them hosted on a sourcemage server.
> If that were to happen, I think that all the exist qt4/kde4 stuff
> should be deleted from the main grimoire, as the have been a major
> reorganisation and spliting of spells.

Does the reorganiztation also concern the KDE4 stuff or only KDE5? I
have trouble seeing the removal of one of the two big desktop
environments from the main grimoire as a move forward for SMGL, unless
we head into the direction of the BSDs, providing only a basic system
in the stable grimoire and on-demand grimoires for application

This sounds like a rather basic decision for the project.

Perhaps you could clarify for the uninitiated the upgrade situation? Is
there a way to have all functionality installed, with Qt4 and Qt5 (or
KF5, whatever) apps in the mix where needed, or does this stuff
totally conflict? Is it "just" too much work to make spells that handle
the possible mixed situation? You came to the conclusion that it even
should be in separate grimoires, so I'd like to know more about why
this is necessary. For sure you did some pondering, let us see a piece
of your mind;-)

> The kde4 stuff has been updated to kde-14.12.x, but I am unlikely to
> update it further.

If that is the case, the separate grimoire is not of that much value.
We should at least get the current stable version.

> Locally I have one machine running the latest unreleased code from git,
> i.e. qt-5.3, kf5-5.9, plasma-5.3, apps-15.04, digikam-5.x

Naturally, that is best kept as a separate grimoire or a branch in
sourcemage git. But stable stuff is welcome. Well, if we can consider
KDE stable. Ever.

Alrighty then,


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