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sm-discuss - Re: [SM-Discuss] Current KDE4?

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  • From: Treeve Jelbert <treeve AT>
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  • Subject: Re: [SM-Discuss] Current KDE4?
  • Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2015 14:40:09 +0100

On Sat, 21 Mar 2015 13:39:08 +0100, Thomas Orgis wrote:

I recently wanted to fill out a PDF form and that resulted in a
half-a-week-build-and-fix frenzy to get an install of okular,
apparently the only viable program able to do that on GNU/Linux.

After having installed the rather dated version in our git master, I
bumped it to 4.14 with the other lowlevel KDE4 stuff in a local

The last I see about fresher KDE was Treeve discussing the change in
semantic desktop cruft, corresponding an update to KDE 4.13. How's that
now? Do we have a branch with updated KDE stuff lying around? It
wouldn't be right if I started pushing stuff for that, as I don't
really use KDE proper and it would mean installing lots of stuff just
for testing, without actual interest in the whole.

I have been pondering the state of KDE4/5 for long time.

The main problem is knowing how to handle the transition from KDE4 -> KDE5, given that many applications have not yet been ported.

There seem to be two options:
1. force upgrade to latest version of each,, regardless of whether it requres qt4 or qt5.
2. allow users to decide, which means making two versions of kde available.

I finally came to the conclusion that option 2 was the only viable one.

To that end I created two new grimoires which can be layed on top of the existing stable/test grimore.
I ran mixed mode systems for several months, using kf5/plasma as a base, with some kde4-apps,but ami now only running kde5 stuff.

At the time I did this, there seemed little prospect of a new stable release, so I have published them on github.
I would be glad to see them hosted on a sourcemage server.
If that were to happen, I think that all the exist qt4/kde4 stuff should be deleted from the main grimoire, as the have been a major reorganisation and spliting of spells.

The kde4 stuff has been updated to kde-14.12.x, but I am unlikely to update it further.
the kde5 stuff is currently at qt-5.4.1, kf5-5.8, plasma-5.2.1, apps-14.12.x This also includes kf5 versions of most games.

Locally I have one machine running the latest unreleased code from git, i.e. qt-5.3, kf5-5.9, plasma-5.3, apps-15.04, digikam-5.x

Regards, Treeve

Alrighty then,


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