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sm-discuss - Re: [SM-Discuss] HTTPS support not compiled in ... and mirroring in general

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  • From: David Kowis <dkowis AT>
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  • Subject: Re: [SM-Discuss] HTTPS support not compiled in ... and mirroring in general
  • Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2014 10:11:37 -0500

On 03/10/2014 04:35 AM, Thomas Orgis wrote:
> I forgot the "mirroring in general" part. How does our mirroring work?
> Is there some official infrastructure and way to add a mirror to that?
> I am also wondering why the mirrors are missing so many files. In
> Theory, every needed source (apart from daily snapshots, I presume)
> should be present on a mirror. Yet, summon often fails when upstream
> decided that it wants to delete files more than a week old.
> So, can someone enlighten me about the Source Mage mirrors?

There's only an official mirror provided by emrys' former employer...
That might be a problem, but I'm not the one who set that stuff up.

Every needed source was never guaranteed to be on a mirror.

The mirror list might be really old, especially for
They've changed their mirroring system, and our mirroring logic is not
exactly conducive to the way they run that stuff now.

I am unfortunately not familiar enough with the mirroring system, but I
do know that it mirrors effectively the official sourcemage artifacts,
and the sources are kind of a bonus.

I know that maintaining that source mirror is difficult at best, since
there's no particular good API or method to dump all the sources, I
wrote some utilities a long time ago, but they're stupidly slow.

Updating your SOURCEFORGE_URL by hand should resolve the problems with
smgl trying the old stupidity.


> Alrighty then,
> Thomas
> PS: It also freaks me out that sorcery keeps on trying
> ... if it times out once, it will the second
> and third, time, too, because it's dead. I fail to get rid of this
> mirror. Perhaps is pushing it itself, would have to look again,
> but got so many other things bothering.
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