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sm-discuss - Re: [SM-Discuss] usb install

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  • From: Robert Figura <rfigura AT>
  • To: SM-Discuss AT
  • Subject: Re: [SM-Discuss] usb install
  • Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2008 22:04:08 +0100

flux <flux AT> schrieb:

> ruskie has made bootable usb keys using syslinux as a drop-in
> replacement for isolinux (which is what the ISO boots with) and as far
> as I know he didn't have to do anything else (including not having to
> mess with the initrd). You might want to try this next time (if there is
> a next time) to see if it makes things easier for you.

Yes, having a kernel prepared would have worked, too. Syslinux is that
thingy to install a MBR, isn't it? I think unetbootin did that.

> > - mknod /dev/hda b 3 0
> None of the mknod commands should have been necessary as udev runs on
> the initrd. However, it depends on when/where you did the modprobe, as
> udev may have been killed at that point. You could have just modified
> the ISO's initrd init script (smgl.init) to do the modprobe before udev
> gets killed by it and udev would have automatically set up the device.

Not sure how to start udev without process control. Maybe i just missed
something. The initrd felt so small i didn't even think about possibly
having an udevd.

> Why are you "copying stuff manually"? Why not just let the rest of the
> "ISO" load and run things from there? It seems like you're doing the
> entire install from inside the initrd (which is not necessarily a bad
> idea, I'm just wondering why you chose to do it this way).

Yes that is right. I just wasn't in the mood to mess with init.smgl
since that would have required another turn-around after finding out
manually what had to be done. At that point it was quite easy to go
on so i took the "long" way.

> > - note that the ran into problems and i had to 'i'gnore
> > them
> What problems did the run into? I'm curious what these are,
> and the Grimoire team may be curious as well (since they manage

I think this was only because of me not using smgl.init. Fixed by
providing a valid /etc/fstab. No need to worry.

> I'll probably
> have it changed for test5 as well though.

Nice, thank you!

- Robert Figura

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