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nafex - Re: [NAFEX] Acai / Aronia

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  • From: Ginda Fisher <>
  • To: North American Fruit Explorers <>
  • Subject: Re: [NAFEX] Acai / Aronia
  • Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2010 11:23:53 -0400

I don't know if I'm a supertaster.  I've always had a very sensitive palate, although that is declining as I age.  I used to be able to recognize minor ingredients in all sorts of recipes by taste (for instance, I noticed the slight rancidity of canola in Pepperidge Farm cookies when they briefly used that in the wake of the "tropical oils" scare) and couldn't eat even small quantities of pungent foods like mustard as a child.  Oddly enough, I like some bitter tastes, and have always been fond of some slightly bitter foods like brussel sprouts.

Aronia isn't terrible, it's just mildly unpleasant, and I'm surprised that it's become a hot food item.  My guess is that it is a fad, and people will lose interest when some other "magic food" is discovered.  Pomegranate and blueberry have lots of healthy antioxidants (and even some rodent studies backing their claims of healthfulness) and they both taste very good to most people.


On Aug 29, 2010, at 11:11 AM, Kieran and/or Donna wrote:

Ginda,  Are you a "supertaster"?  You can supposedly find out for sure by counting taste buds on your tongue, I'm sure you can find the info online.  It might be worth your while to know, for recipe purposes but also to use to explain yourself to those who eat with you.  If you aren't, well at least you'll understand those who are.  (Mind you, a mere zinc deficiency will create picky eaters)  In general supertasters can't stand bitter flavors, and I suspect that astringency might be in that category.  I'm quite sure I'm not a supertaster, but I don't think I'd like "sickly sweet" aftertastes.  Maybe someone needs to combine the two.  Astringency is needed to give a kind of clean palate sensation.  We found out years ago that wine made from peaches alone didn't taste right.  The books say you need a certain amount of acid in wine to make it feel right.  We could put in tannin (bitter and astringent) or hang 2-3 teabags in each gallon of wine.   Donna

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