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nafex - [NAFEX] grafting results

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  • Subject: [NAFEX] grafting results
  • Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 21:34:00 +0000

Please excuse my delay in joining the May 18 discussion of expectations of grafting results ("Grafting Question" in archives). But I hadn't even finished mine yet.

I did a few apple & pear. Cut own scion, and purchased some. My own was harvested on the first day over 32F of a winter warm spell. I worried about the purchased scion being harvested too late, or getting warm in shipping, or otherwise breaking dormancy. All scion held well til grafting. Stored in a little-used home refrig; the only fruit stored with it was cartons of orange juice. (Re previous discussions on this topic, I understand ROTTING fruits & vegetables can break dormancy of stored scionwood. Many home refrigs contain rotting vegetation.)

Rootstocks are various 3/4 standards, planted early '03 or before. Rain/irrigation has been generous. All pear and apple scion varieties showed swollen buds w/in 2 weeks, but a few took 17 days to convince me.

The pears have grown so fast the tissue is pale and very tender. I didn't expect any growth. Using the method I described in "grafting basics" (March 21 archives), I had trouble making clean cuts on the purchased scions, which were very healthy, thick, and tough. I thought the faces of scion-- and the rootstock cuts!-- would be too rough to have good cambial match, and that the wood was too stout to pull together with the rubber electricians splicing tape. But 90% of these grafts have grown. (FYI, most of these grafts were technically "topwork" rather than grafts onto young rootstocks.)

Most of the purchased apple scion likewise was thicker than I like, but mostly grafted onto young 'stocks. Thick scion has grown slower than thin, but 100% have grown. Main concern is brown toasting of leaf edges on faster-growing scions. I'm assuming scab, but haven't carefully studied. I'll report on it later in summer; also will tell how many scions were running on fumes.

Sometime ago there was discussion of how much time a graft procedure requires. I managed 12 per hour for thin scions, half that for thick scions.

To scion suppliers: if this is a testimonial, please feel free to use it! If you want me to post your name, please let me know. Thanks again!

tc, s.WI, hobby orchards in poor soil

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  • [NAFEX] grafting results, tanis cuff, 06/21/2004

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