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  • From: "David Consolvo" <>
  • To: <>
  • Subject: [NAFEX] Early Blaze
  • Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2003 16:18:34 -0400

More evaluation of Early Blaze for you. I've had five trees for
fourteen years, left by the previous owners. They bought the
trees from Stark as "Starkspur Earliblaze". I agree that they
are pretty tasty for an early apple, not as complex and intense
as a late apple can be, but what early apple is? They ripen
throughout the month of July here, not very good if you want to
pick all at once, but nice if you want a few apples a day.
Unfortunately they don't hang long when ripe, so you lose a lot
to the ground. The worst thing about them is that they are
strongly biennial, and it's hard to thin them enough to get them
out of this pattern. Best thing about them is that they are
STRONGLY resistant to scab, producing fine-looking apples and
healthy leaves. No sooty blotch on the apples either. Some
susceptibility to fireblight, but it never kills the entire
tree. Color is decent. Tree shape and vigor is average. They
bloom earlier than average.

David Consolvo
Hungrytown, Virginia
Zone 7, elevation 1,200 feet

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  • [NAFEX] Early Blaze, David Consolvo, 08/30/2003

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