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Subject: The SPAM List

Description: We discuss anything. The horrible, eye-bursting pink you see on this page is the color of our canned meat.

OK, I have to qualify that. We do not "discuss" (translation: flame each other for days and freakin' days regarding) Mac vs. IBM, and we only accept top-ten-list forwards once every three days. Honest to the gods, though, those are our only rules.

We are the SPAM List, aka Superfluous Pointless Additional Mail. Our name, honestly, predates the use of unsolicited email to advertise commercial goods. We are not the people to whom you complain if you've been commercially spammed, though we'll gladly make fun of you if you do it anyway.

A sampling of topic matter in the last decade would include: the gravitational constant of a taco, fruit*ions, "Bloom County," anime, free will vs. destiny, politics (we tend to be pretty liberal, but all stripes are represented and welcome), feminism, sex (actually, a rather lot of sex), dating, how to get sex by dating, schemes to hire students to sell books door to door during the summer, in-jokes, Monty Python, market-testing for IBM notebooks, and how Southern our accents are (or aren't).

We are unmoderated, and the public is welcome to join us. But be warned, we participatory-spam anyone who strikes our fancy, we lie, we tell outrageous stories about one another, we bitch about work and we evangelize various events in which we're involved. Sometimes there's not a peep for a week and sometimes there's a fifty message LeBehemoth of a day.

Be prepared for giant Hoffmangs.

Await further instruction.

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