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seranet - Socially and Ecologically Responsible Agriculture Network

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Subject: Socially and Ecologically Responsible Agriculture Network


SERAnet: Socially and Ecologically Responsible Agriculture Network

About SERAnet

Welcome to the mailing list, a forum for those who believe in, promote, practice and / or actively support Socially and Ecologically Responsible Agriculture.

Socially and Ecologically Responsible Agriculture is by nature, sustainable.

All those that share this view are welcome to participate and help provide the means to further and strengthen this cause.


The Socially and Ecologically Responsible Agriculture e-mail discussion group is a mailing list targeted at Sustainable Agriculture Activists, Researchers and Practitioners interested in contributing to the definition, solution and support of any of the many questions, issues and tasks that may arise when someone decides to farm and live in harmony with both nature and social values.

Socially and Ecologically Responsible Agriculture signifies an equitable and integral approach to farming, an activity involving myriad, whole living organisms (some of which are human) within multiple, biological and social systems.

The Socially and Ecologically Responsible Agriculture Network Discussion Group is open to interested parties located anywhere in the world.

SERA topics, concepts and objectives scheduled for analysis and followup activities:

Alternatives to USDA Organic Certification,

GM Free Zones,

Farmland Conservation Trusts,

Socially and Ecologically Responsible Developmental Models and Development Polices,

Crop Specific Biologically Intensive Technological Packages,

Funding Sustainable Initiatives,

Support for Socially and Ecologically Responsible Platforms and Candidates,

Socially and Ecologically Responsible Outreach Programs,

Direct Farmer - Consumer Distribution Systems and other
Socially and Ecologically Responsible Marketing Schemes,

Forming Farm Credit Unions,

Links and Coordination with other Compatible and Complementary Social Organizations,

Socially and Ecologically Responsible Websites,

Local Power Production and Collective Contracting,

Ecologically Sane Construction Materials and Methods,

Appropriate Farm Machinery and Hand Tools,

Combined Plant and Animal Production, and Animal Powered Farming

Collaborative, Open Pollinated Variety Development and Seed Exchange

Organizing Collaborative, On-Farm and Lab Based Research Projects

Defining Soil / Plant Microbiological and Hormonal Interactions

Biological Processes and Natural Sources involved in Plant Nutrition,

Biological Pest Control,

Natural Post-harvest Quality Conserving Technologies

Environmental and Health Risks Associated with Genetically Engineered Crops and Foods

SERA's protocols include the use of pure ascii rather than html text and frowns on remailing full quotes (often with scarce additions), except when these are relevant to the current post. (The full quotes referred to are those the mailer automatically copies when replying to a previous post. Those replying to previous post are encouraged to erase those parts of a previous post that aren't relevant to the reply being made).

Otherwise, a short reply that needlessly repeats the full text of the previous post, wastes bandwidth, increases download times and requires additional hard disk, server and archive space. This is a request commonly made on many lists.

Other suggestions in this regard are also welcome.

Anyone who views agriculture as a biological and social
activity and are interested in subscribing to SERAnet can do so by

SERAnet's message archives can be found at:

Contact people for this list are:

Douglas Hinds


Kathy Carter-White

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