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gesneriphiles - For Gesneriad Enthusiasts

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Subject: For Gesneriad Enthusiasts


Welcome to the Gesneriphiles Mailing List

The "G-files" mailing list is an international group of individuals who share a common enthusiasm for the family of plants known as Gesneriads. Some of the better-known Gesneriads include African Violets, Florist Gloxinias, and Lipstick Plants. Participants on the mailing list range from beginners to experienced academic botanists and hybridizers.

Typical posts discussed include questions, observations or statements about Gesneriads, their growing conditions, Gesneriad history, and propagation. Some members on the list have met in person; many have not.

The mailing list was established in the early 1990's. It is an independent entity, not owned by or associated with any of the African Violet or Gesneriad organizations, although many list members do belong to such organizations.

The way the G-files email list works is as follows:
(1) You subscribe to the list
(2) You then are able to send an email to a central email address
(3) Your message is distributed to everyone on the list

As a member of the list, you may choose to read the messages and participate passively. This is called "lurking", and is perfectly acceptable. If you want to participate actively, you may send a response (or "post" as messages are often called) to the central email address. Your email will be distributed to everyone on the list.

The list of members' personal email addresses is available only to the moderators. A computer program automatically runs the distribution of emails.

Rules of Engagement:

This is a polite and well-meaning group. Please keep your posts civil! Kindly and politely ask your question, give your answer, or make your observation. Use a descriptive subject line. If your post is off-topic, write that in the subject line so that others may quickly know and skip over it if they choose.

Please do not send executable files or programs. Please do not try to sell anything or promote your own agenda. Please do not make critical or inflammatory remarks. You are welcome to include a short signature file that has your website address if you have one. If someone mentions a marvelous and rare plant growing in his/her home, this is not an invitation to ask for cuttings. Please do not solicit individuals. However, it is acceptable to ask the list in general if you are looking for a specific cutting.

You are welcome to post pictures of your plants to the group as attachments. Out of respect for those with dial-up connections or limited storage space, please decrease the size and resolution of photographs so that the attached file plus the body of the message is no larger than 500 Kb. If you experience trouble sending attachments this may be because size limit is automatically enforced by the list server software. Please verify that you are in compliance with this restriction.

Always remember that whatever you say is sent to and probably read by several hundred individuals from around the world.


This email list is informally supervised. Messages are NOT pre-screened before they are sent to the group. However, the moderators are active list participants and will certainly be aware (or quickly made aware) of inflammatory or offensive behavior.

Moderators may be contacted by sending a message to the Administrators at .

We hope that you will enjoy G-files.
You may, of course, subscribe or unsubscribe at any time.


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