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gardenwriters - Garden Writers -- GWL -- The Garden Writers Forum

Subject: Garden Writers -- GWL -- The Garden Writers Forum

Welcome to the Garden Writers List (GWL)
The gardenwriters mailing list is hosted by ibiblio.
To post to this list, send your email to:

GWL list website
GWL has searchable message archives at:
If you have photos for GWL, send them to and they can be viewed at

General information about the mailing list is at:

You can make adjustments to your user account via email by sending a message to:
with the word `help' in the subject or body (don't include the
quotes), and you will receive a message with instructions.

Finding out what your password is:
If you forget your password, don't worry, you will receive a monthly
reminder telling you what all your mailing list
passwords are, and how to unsubscribe or change your options. There
is also a button on your options page that will email your current
password to you. You may also have your password mailed to you automatically
from within the bottom paragraph entitled "gardenwriters Subscribers" on this page:
Fill in the form beneath this text:
"To change your subscription (set options like digest and delivery modes,
get a reminder of your password, or unsubscribe from gardenwriters),
enter your subscription email address:" Then click on the button that says:
"Edit Options".

The GWL homepage is:
where you will find list information, change your user configuration
options, post to the list and access the message archives.

GWL message archives are here:

To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit the GWL archives at:

If you forgot, lost or didn't receive your password, you can go to the

website at

And there is a place where you can enter your e-mail address (the one you
used to subscribe to the GWL) and click on a button, and your password will
be e-mailed to you. Once you have that, you can go back and make all the
changes you want on your subscription. And there are a LOT of

If you are still having problems:
Please read the following carefully. It will clear up the problems you are
having with the GWL transition from to

DIGEST-many of you have previously had your postings sent in Digest form,
but the format was not transferred. If you want Digest format, please email
me OFF LIST, and I will change you to Digest.

PASSWORD-everyone on the GWL was sent an email from the Mailman List Server at with instructions on the new listserv. This also included a
password, which is needed to change formats, unsubscribe, etc. Due to the
huge volume of email during the changeover, you may have deleted this important
information. Or, if your ISP server is small, the posting may have been

Passwords on this system are absolutely necessary. They are part of the
software that drives the system. We cannot get around them. I know they
are a pain in the neck for some, but we have to deal with it. The reason
being is that offers us a secure listserv that is not full of
advertisements. More important, will NOT sell our email
addresses to advertisers. And, is not blocked by ISP and a
cable modem companies such as and This was happening
when we used, because Topica also distributes pornography and
worse. So, many responsible ISP's and cable modem companies were blocking
any email from A number of our subscribers could not get GWL

PASSWORD AGAIN-If you have lost your password, never received it or it doesn
't work, I will take care of your changes and requests manually for the next
29 days. Every 30 days, will email your password to you with
other pertinent data. With the lessening email volume, most of you will get
this important email.

MAKING PASSWORDS WORK-Some passwords can be tricky. Mine was. I had to
keep typing in various combinations until I got the right one. 1 can be
either the number ONE or it can be the letter L in lowercase. There are
also other combinations that are tricky. So, approach the password as a
puzzle to be solved.

Recently there are more letters being posted that are "one-liners" - letters
with short answers that really aren't of interest to the list. In the
interests of keeping the list as relevant to ALL of us as possible, here are

some tips to keep in mind when replying to a letter (thanks to Doug Green).

** The poster's address is on the header that gets into your letter. At
the top it should say
TO: and under that
From: XXXXX@ The xxxx's mark the spot - that's the address of
person sending the note.

** If you want to thank the person who answered - reply directly to that
person using the xxxxx address. We'll all assume you are grateful - you
don't have to thank each of us in a post to the group. If you want to make
a personal statement of some kind - use the xxxx address - not the list.

** If you want to ask a question - do this. That's why we're all here - to
ask, answer and find out what's happening with this great group of people.

** Don't fill our mailboxes with "me-too" statements. One person says
"there's a problem here" and everybody else says "me too." Somebody says
"too many mails" and a host of
"me-toos echo from the electronic halls. If we eliminated all the
"me-too's" we would not have problems.

** There are two parts to any list. Content and Noise. (these are technical
e-list publication terms) Ask yourself before you post - "Is this post
going to help somebody?" If the post is helpful to somebody it is content.
Just like your magazine and newspaper articles. Newspapers and magazines
don't print too many "me-too statements." :-)

Thank you ALL for helping keep the ratio of information to noise as high as possible.

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