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Subject: Corpus-Paul

Description: Corpus Paulinum (the Corpus-Paul List) is a moderated academic e-list dedicated to the scholarly
discussion and evaluation of critical questions surrounding the life, influence, teaching, theology, and the
writings of the Apostle Paul. The List's purpose is to provide a forum where these questions may be raised,
entertained, and debated outside of the usual arenas of printed journals and monographs.

Additionally, Corpus Paulinum is intended to be a venue in which those working professionally in the field of Pauline studies may post and receive critical responses to papers or ideas that are in the process of development.

Given the academic nature of the List, it is ordinarily expected that those ubscribing and contributing to Corpus Paulinum will be professional scholars and graduate students who are familiar with both the primary and secondary Pauline literature, as well as with the ontours of the issues that are part and parcel of current scholarly Pauline studies. But beginners in the serious study of Paul who wish to make use of the List to gain and advance their knowledge of things Pauline are also welcome to participate provided they respect the List's focus.

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