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chfm - Chapel Hill Farmers Market

Subject: Chapel Hill Farmers Market

Description: Invitation to area vendors to join the new Chapel Hill Farmers Market

The new Chapel Hill Farmers Market is seeking prospective vendors.

The effort to establish a new farmers market in Chapel Hill is moving along with great prospects on the horizon.
A partial list of vendor categories includes:
produce, flowers, meat, cheese & other diary products, herbs, baked, canned and preserved goods (vegetables & fruit,
spreads, sauce toppings, jams, oils, vinegars, etc.), wines, crafts, juices, sauces, honey and other apiary products,
sprouts & grasses (wheat & barley grass), prepared foods such as kim chee & kraut, personal care & health products
(herbal salve, etc.), garden seedlings, berry, nut, fruit and ornamental plants (seedlings, bareroot, potted and B&B).
Vendors must have grown or created all products they sell, have procured all necessary certification (i.e., if organic
or for food preparation) and inspections (i.e. kitchen for prepared foods) applicable to any of their product
categories, and for all produce and food vendors, a $1M product liability insurance policy.

We plan to offer membership to producers whose operations are located within a 100 (+10 miles) mile radius of Chapel Hill.
This will be a vendor-operated and vendor-guided market with a market committee
providing representation for all members and assisting with management issues.

Fees will be kept to a minimum. Stall space will be allocated up to two per member, on a first-come-first-serve basis.
A friendly, supportive and cooperative atmosphere will be encouraged,
one that will contribute to building a cohesive vendor community.
We feel that this will be a fun and profitable farmers market, one that can look forward to a great future doing business in Chapel Hill.

The market has an electronic mailing list that is open to prospective and accepted vendors to use for announcements and
general communication. We hope this forum will help streamline market operation.
Those with email access should consider subscribing as an aid to facilitating ongoing market activity year round.

Details about our project can be learned there in a timely fashion and if more information is desired please contact us in the forum or privately.

If anyone is interested in becoming a member this year (or at a later date) or if you know anyone who might want to join please feel free to contact us at:

Lawrence London
Chapel Hill Farmers Market, Inc. (in development) (the forum, blog to follow)
Phone: 919 260 3030

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