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ch-scene - RTP-area local music and culture

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Subject: RTP-area local music and culture

Description: ch-scene was established in 1994 to host discussion of/by/about local music, musicians, and fans. From the very beginning it has also reserved food, arts and general popular culture as topics equally suitable for discussion, especially when they coincide with the RTP area or the local music scene.

RTP-area residents are welcome to post music-gear-for-sale and band-member/roommate-wanted adverts, provided they are imaginative, infrequent, and non-obnoxious. Local bands are also of course encouraged to post announcements of upcoming shows; it's generally agreed that no more than two such posts per show are really necessary or advisable.

Everyone is encouraged to post about shows they've attended, records they've enjoyed, new restaurants they've tried and/or are dying to try, great gallery shows they've seen, and generally anything else that enhances discussion about arts/culture/food in the RTP area. This is a *discussion* group, so back-and-forth discussion is greatly encouraged.

ch-scene is mirrored to the UseNet group, so anything posted to the list will also be made available to the general reading public; if you don't like that, don't post.

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