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xom-interest - [XOM-interest] A novel approach for writing large XML documents with XOM

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Subject: XOM API for Processing XML with Java

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  • From: "Asgeir Frimannsson" <asgeirf AT>
  • To: xom-interest AT
  • Subject: [XOM-interest] A novel approach for writing large XML documents with XOM
  • Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2007 18:16:46 +1000

Hi all,

I wrote a streaming serializer for XOM this weekend, and thought perhaps it
might be useful to someone else, so I'll throw it on the list.

StreamingSerializer is based on the existing Serializer, however, it is not
a subclass of Serializer. It allows for creating very large documents and
writing them to an outputstream. The serializer removes any nodes in the
Document that is out-of-context (already serialized), and thereby frees up

Central to this serializer is the concept of a 'context node', which
determines the parent of newly inserted nodes. When inserting Elements, the
new context node is always set to the last descendant Element of the element
being inserted. Rather than inserting children on Elements (using e.g.
appendChild) and creating a large in-memory model, use the writeNextChild()
methods of the serializer. Alternatively, create small in-memory Element
trees and use the writeNextChild() method on the Element. Start the
serialization by calling the write(Document) method. The new context is then
set to the last descendant Element of the root element. After that, use the
public methods of the StreamingSerializer to build your document.

// main api
class StreamingSerializer{

// sets the new context to the parent context
ParentNode popContext()

// retrieves the current context node
ParentNode getContext()

// sets the new context node
// must be a parent of the current context node
void setContext(ParentNode node)

// Serializes a document.
// The context node is set to the last
// Element descendant of the root element
void write(Document)

// Serializes an element
// The context node is set to the last
// Element descendant of the element
void writeNextChild(Element)

// serializes nodes as children of
// the current context node.
void writeNextChild(Text)
void writeNextChild(Comment)
void writeNextChild(ProcessingInstruction)

// completes the serialization of the document
void finishDocument();


An example application:

public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException{

StreamingSerializer serializer = new StreamingSerializer(System.out);
Element root = new Element("root-element");
Document doc = new Document(root);


Element child = new Element("child");

for(int i=0;i<100;i++){ // create a small sub-tree and serialize it

Element childX = new Element(child);
childX.addAttribute(new Attribute("id",String.valueOf(i)));

if(i%7 == 0){
childX.appendChild("I'm one out of 7!");
if(i%9 == 0){
childX.appendChild(new ProcessingInstruction("php","echo('I'm
one out of 9..');"));



StreamingSerializerTest passes most tests from the existing SerializerTest,
except those where subclassing is used in a Serializer-specific way (most
of these are not relevant for StreamingSerializer).

I have written two sample applications:
- ExampleStreamingWriter - creates an XML document using the streaming
serializer (similar to example).
- ExampleStreamingIndenter - Streams an XML document through a NodeFactory
and writes it out with the streaming serializer indented...

Some unresolved issues:
- The Serializer calls removeChildren() on Elements. Element subclasses
might not allow removal of certain nodes, causing this to break..
- Haven't put much thought into use-cases for Subclassing
StreamingSerializer, some methods should be declared final for now...
- Unit tests doesn't cover the new methods

Hope this is useful to someone, and that something similar makes it into the
main XOM library some day. There's definitely a need for a streaming
serializer in XOM...

I've put the code up here:
Copy the files to the nu.xom source tree, and it should work.


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