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xom-interest - Re: [XOM-interest] why is Element.toString() final?

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Subject: XOM API for Processing XML with Java

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  • From: Elliotte Harold <elharo AT>
  • To: Steve Loughran <steve.loughran AT>
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  • Subject: Re: [XOM-interest] why is Element.toString() final?
  • Date: Fri, 09 Dec 2005 08:19:31 -0500

Steve Loughran wrote:
Given that it is primarily for debugging, why is Element.toString() final?

It's final because everything should be final unless and until there's a clear and compelling use case for subclassing/overriding it. So far no one has demonstrated such a use case or shown a need for overriding it. if someone does, then I'd consider making it non-final.

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