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sm-discuss - Re: [SM-Discuss] UP! :)

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  • From: David Kowis <dkowis AT>
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  • Subject: Re: [SM-Discuss] UP! :)
  • Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2014 18:41:55 -0500

Turn those frowns upside down.

Okay that was terrible.

So we had to get a different network card into the box, and fortunately
we had a module for it, so it fired right up, and everything else is
reasonably healthy.

Sorry it took so long to get this stuff back up, but this is a busy
season for Emrys and I don't have actual authority at the datacenter :)

Anyways, it's up now, and should remain up until something else breaks ;)

David Kowis
On 03/11/2014 07:07 PM, David Kowis wrote:
> The server is being sick.
> There's some odd problem going on with the network adapter on the
> server. It shows symptoms very similar to this one:
> However, I don't think it's the same problem, because why didn't we have
> the problem before? We've tried the suggestions the hosting provider has
> suggested, and Jeremy and I logged into the box via an IP KVM trying to
> figure out why it's being derpy.
> No success yet. The physical boxes are Jeremy's so I don't know exactly
> what the next steps are. I'll do my best to let you know what we'll do
> next.
> Fortunately, is still up, as it's a different
> physical host. Things will get out of date, but since you can't push to
> the centralized repo anyway.... heh. Fortunately git is distributed, so
> you guys can still email patches around, if you really want to :)
> Letting you know, in the name of transparency,
> David Kowis
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