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sm-discuss - Re: [SM-Discuss] Auto-generated HISTORY from `git commit` (was Re: [SM-Commit] GIT changes to master grimoire by George Sherwood (7041bfdaf256227abdacc42113e14388785aae43))

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  • From: Eric Sandall <eric AT>
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  • Subject: Re: [SM-Discuss] Auto-generated HISTORY from `git commit` (was Re: [SM-Commit] GIT changes to master grimoire by George Sherwood (7041bfdaf256227abdacc42113e14388785aae43))
  • Date: Mon, 17 May 2010 14:29:02 -0700

Quoting flux <flux AT>:

Andraž 'ruskie' Levstik (ruskie AT wrote [09.10.09 01:45]:
:2009-10-08T16:06:Eric Sandall:
I still don't see the benefit in this since it still requires the guru
to write it out on his own(not to mention it still doesn't solve "It'd
be nice to not have to enter the information twice" since you generally
don't, commit messages tend to be one liners while HISTORY entries tend
to be verbose). Also I consider this a bad idea as eventually this
would degenerate into just:
date guru <email>
\t * Modified spell to support foobarf and version update

Instead of a proper detailed HISTORY entry we have now.

I actually find it a good idea to have the detail in HISTORY we have
now. On multiple levels at that.
a) it makes me think over what was changed and consider if there is
anything wrong
b) it makes it easy to trace when something happened without needing to
sift through diffs/commit logs etc...
c) automation - I tend to quite often do simple things like
for spell in changed-spells ; do
git commit -m "$spell: version update to $version" $spell
This way only the commit msg changes and I don't have to worry about
all the minor details that can be done in DETAILS at such times, old
variables removed, website update, description update not to mention
if I there's also DEPENDS changes due to the update and BUILD etc...
This is currently easy but after that it wouldn't be since you would
need to have a highly specific commit msg for each spell

If this were to be implemented I think it would need to be optional.

Just my 0.02€

After reading your reply, I see that I misinterpreted Eric's suggestion,
and you interpreted my message to match Eric's suggestion. My
suggestion was actually to automate commit messages using the
information in the HISTORY entry, rather than the other way around
(automating HISTORY from the commit message).

Just to bring this up again (since I'm tired of entering the same information twice for each commit), I'd like our entries to require only *one* message (whether pulled from HISTORY or the commit message).

I would prefer that HISTORY be generated from the git log, which should contain the verbose information as that's where developers should be looking and whom are the intended recipients of the majority of this information. Users don't need that much information and we could generate the grimoire HISTORY and ChangeLog entries using `git log` with some pruning and formatting.

I would like to make this a standard for all of our coding projects using git and functioning at the server level (so that all commits follow it).



Eric Sandall | Source Mage GNU/Linux Developer
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  • Re: [SM-Discuss] Auto-generated HISTORY from `git commit` (was Re: [SM-Commit] GIT changes to master grimoire by George Sherwood (7041bfdaf256227abdacc42113e14388785aae43)), Eric Sandall, 05/17/2010

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