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nafex - Re: [nafex] NAFEX annual meeting 2015

Subject: North American Fruit Explorers mailing list at ibiblio

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  • From: Lawrence London <>
  • To: mailing list at ibiblio - Northamerican Allied Fruit Experimenters <>
  • Subject: Re: [nafex] NAFEX annual meeting 2015
  • Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2015 09:45:52 -0400

On Wed, Jun 3, 2015 at 7:18 AM, Jerry Lehman <> wrote:

> I always received copies of my own messages through ibiblio when I had the
> AOL address. Doesn't make sense that I should not be receiving it through
> Gmail. I really believe the problem lies at ibiblio not Gmail.

It can't be ibiblio, Jerry. I just checked your account and everything is
normal as it has been all along. Again: when you send email from Gmail to
the nafex list Gmail stores that email in Sent Mail folder. _That_ is your
copy of the email you sent to the list; ibiblio will not send you another
giving you a duplicate. So, look in your Gmail Sent Mail folder for all the
posts you send to this list through Gmail and you will find everything
there. Something else you need to do is:

1) not allow Gmail to sort your email and organize your folders
2) fix this by going to your inbox, clicking on the little star/flower/gear
icon on the far right, left click once and then click on 'settings'
3) then at the top string of menu options click on Inbox
4) then do the following:
a) make sure Inbox Type is 'Default' and not anything else
b) make sure the Categories is set to 'Inbox' - put a check in the
Inbox checkbox
This way all your email goes to Inbox only until you create filter Labels
or mark individual email
as Important and/or Starred

In the past more than once I've been blocked by ibiblio if I included a
> picture in a message or included attachments.

Than can not happen now. I have set the maximum size limit for an attached
or inline message to twenty megabytes (20 MB) and the list is configured to
allow attachments of several types, including .PDF's, images, Text Files of
various types including RTF's, Word documents an of course plain ascii text
files. If anyone has difficulty sent attachments of those types please let
me know so I can fix the problem. If you send a form, i.e. registration, as
an attachment it should (will) come through to all recipients in its
original form, unchanged by ibiblio or Gmail.

> So when I don't get a copy of my own message I can't but help wondering if
> I've done something wrong once again and ibiblio has blocked me once again.
> As I'm using Mozilla I signed on

It doesn't work that way.

> directly with Gmail to see if Gmail wasn't passing it on to Mozilla. Yes,
> I clicked on the view all messages at Gmail which would allow me to see
> anything their security blocked. My ibiblio messages aren't at Gmail
> either. What doesn't make sense to me is why isn't ibiblio passing my
> messages through to Gmail as it did when using AOL?
> One reason I like to see my messages come back to me is too often a form
> such as the registration form gets re-margined and and so the printed copy
> isn't usable by the reader. And I don't like to attach a PDF due to past
> problems with ibiblio blocking attachments. I understand their security
> concerns and the reason for blocking attachments. But more than once in the
> past they have turned me off due to attachments and then you get me turned
> back on then they turned me back off again. I don't like to assume my
> messages are getting through.

1) check your Gmail Sent Mail folder
2) reconfigure your Inbox in Gmail Settings as described above
or do 2), then 1)


Lawrence F. London
Ello: @ecoponderosa <>

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