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This is from the Annual Report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society
for the year 1905:

By Wm. Toole, Baraboo.
The original tree of the Gem City (Townsend) apple was a
chance seedling which came up close to the house of Mr. Charles
Dickinson, now dead, whose farm was near Dodgeville.
The young tree being in, the way, was cut down twice, but
the third growth was allowed to stay until it had borne fruit.
XT. George Townsend of Baraboo, while visiting with Mr.
Diekinson, was much attracted by the fruit, believing that it
was a seedling of more than ordinary promise. Mr. Town-
send seems to be the only one who realized at that time the possi-
ble value of the apple. He procured some scions and eighteen or
twenty years ago planted two young trees in his orchard from
this grafting. These trees seemed to be as hardy as any of
the Russian varieties of which this orchard largely consists.
Mr. Townsend distributed young trees of his own grafting to
various persons, among them A. D. Brown and Mrs. Robert
Ramsey, who exhibited from trees about fifteen years old, the
fruit which attracted so much attention at the winter meeting
of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society in Madison, Feb-
ruary 9, 1905. Each of these growers speak of it as a better
grower than the Fameuse with larger fruit, apparently as hare
as any, an early and good bearer, an all winter keeper of high-
est quality, and in texture of skin and flesh, appears to be a
seedling of the Fameuse.
The foregoing cover the main facts which I can get. No
one at Dodgeville seems to feel any interest in the apple and
if it had not been for Mr. Townsend, it would have been lost to
the world. Mr. A. D. Brown has taken great interest in the
apple and takes it up as his specialty, now that Mr. Townsend
is gone.

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Steve, Do you have any sort of a description for Gem City? Muffy Barrett

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Now if someone could find the lost central Wisconsin apple 'Gem City'

Steve H. Lone Rock WI

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