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  • Subject: Re: [Fwd: [nafex] Wow...what a plant]
  • Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2001 16:18:41 -0500

Not sure which adventures you're thinking of -- I had several, some good,
some bad. Was it the evil bramble (with flavorless berries) in my back
yard against which I did regular battle, but the landlady wouldn't let me
out-and-out kill, because she wanted the security? Was it when I was
walking along a bramble-lined road right after a downpour, and the berries
were bursting with sweet juice?

I like blackberries much better than raspberries. Lucky me, I guess.

The didact in me wants to smash the fingers of whoever typed "reeking"

I'm in the office, obviously, and I've put in about 3 hours of studying,
most of it honest studying time. There is, of course, lots more to do, but
6 hours of studying every Sunday between the UU's and Coro Allegro is more
than I can bear. Today I brought a novel for the last stretch.

You might be interested in one of the items on the May Coro program.
"Voices of Terezin", by Aaron Rosenthal. He translated 3 poems written by
Terezin children inmates into English and set them to music for piano and
chorus. We've rehearsed two of them so far. They're very different from
each other, but each beautiful (and heartbreaking). It's astounding (and
discouraging) to discover how many people don't know what Terezin was, even
when I say it again with the German name Theriesenstadt. I've mentioned
this piece to numerous friends, and ONE hasn't needed an explanation.


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Dan, I thought of your adventures with blackberries in Spain when
I read this exchange. I have removed several intermediate notes
about this cultivar. The other brambles Mr. Bunny mentions are
mostly (all?) raspberries, not blackberries. Blackberries are just
Sooo much more vigorous and productive than raspberries. It's a
shame they don't taste as good.



In the midwest, winter came early this year. Most of my trees still
have their desiccated leaves hanging limply from limbs. The never had
time to harden off before the first snow arrived. However the week
before the first big cold snap I was nestling in my strawberries and
brambles for the winter. I distinctly remember pulling up any of the
Triple Crown Blackberries that had tip rooted, and dutifully headed back
all the canes to a manageable length. Then the snow hit, and the cold.

So imagine my surprise when wandering through the garden I saw a most
disturbing sight. There were brambles mixed in my strawberries. And
those brambles were in deep. Amazingly it appears that the Triple
just kept on growing under the snow, and weighed down as it was it took
root every place. In fact the arms grew quite a bit between November
and the first of March. Frankly I am astounded and perturbed (as this
reeking havoc in my strawberry patch.)

Perplexed I examined my other brambles, Taylor, Autumn Britten,
Fall Gold. They all appeared to have been hit fairly hard by the
winter, and I am less then jubilant at the prospects from them for the
coming season (Taylor in particular).

So has anyone else ever witnessed anything like this? A blackberry
growing in the winter time? Perplexed...

the fluffy one

--- In nafex@y..., Fluffy Bunny <the.fluffy.bunny@j...> wrote:

> Gang:
> Triple Crown Blackberries that had tip rooted, >
> ________________________________________________________________
I laughed when I read your note, then this weekend I stopped by and
checked my 1-year old triple crowns. The most vigorous plant had
managed to tip root every single arm! This is with no snow cover,
and fairly dry western conditions. Is this the blackberry that wants
to take over the world?

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