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nafex - [nafex] Japanese Beetles- "Soft" Solution

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  • Subject: [nafex] Japanese Beetles- "Soft" Solution
  • Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 16:42:21 -0400


Surround WP, the new product developed by the USDA-ARS and Engelhard,
kicks hiny on Japanese beetles and leafhoppers (not to mention plum
curculio, apple maggot, and others) on apples, grapes, peaches and plums.
Best results are seen if you apply the Surround WP particle film before
infestation, particularly as beetles will resist entering the treated areas
and thus won't release their aggregating pherimones in the treated area to
call others. It's a little late in some parts of the US for JB, but it can
be used as a "rescue"as well.

On the Honeycrisp cultivar, which can attract both pests, an additional
benefit is about a 6 degree cooler canopy, and a 15 degree cooler fruit
which will contribute towards better color and sun scald reduction. We are
specifically studying Honeycrisp this season. On other apples like Gala,
Surround WP cuts severe sunburn damage in about half, or more, in our

You can apply the particle film early only and allow it to weather off
before harvest. Application(s) made only right before the adult flight
would be enough to at least set them back.

For full protection continue sprays/coverage as long as the infestation
lasts. On apples, the film is easy to remove in packing lines or hand
wiping/washing for small operations. On berries, we are labeled for
processing berries only since every bit of the film may not come off (for
cosmetic purposes) for the fresh market. Traces of Surround are not
problem on the fruit healthwise as the product is exempt from requirements
of a tolerance for residues and is FDA-approved for use in food up to
2.5%. The traces of white are invisible when wet.

Surround WP happens to be Organic Materials Review Institute listed for
organic production if that's important to you.

Hope this helps...

Give me a call if you want to chat. 732-205-7140

John Mosko
Surround Crop Protectants
Engelhard Corp.

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LONGDISTSHTR <> on 06/24/2000 07:00:53 PM

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Subject: [nafex] Japanese Beetles-Any Solution?

I had a chance to ask a local radio program horticulturist for a
solution to the Japanese Beetle problem and he just shook his head and
told me that the traps that people put out don't do much but waste the
gardeners' money. The oil in the can bit seems to get more of them but
doesn't decrease them decernibly.
I've finally got a good crop of plum and apples in SC but am losing them
due to these critters. I hate to use Sevin 'cause of my honey bees.
Anyone tried milky spore disease? I know it doesn't work on the adults
but I'll try it this fall if it will reduce them. I have a bumper crop
of figs and muscadines and I'm sure not looking forward to the June Bug
hatch coming up soon.
The Japanese Beetles raise cane with my asparagus but at least the crop
season is over by the time they hatch. It still must damage and weaken
the plants though.
Any ideas about non-toxic repellents or biologicals? I'm being forced to
take up golf and give up on this fruit production. Getting tired of
feeding these beetles, fire ants (got two hives of my bees) and June
Bugs (ruin all my late figs, [LSUs,Sals,Almas,Brown Turkeys and
Celeste]) Thanks for any info! Doc Lisenby, Zone 8/7

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