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nafex - [nafex] Blueberry Followup

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  • From: Ginda Fisher <>
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  • Subject: [nafex] Blueberry Followup
  • Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 20:51:27 -0400

Thanks to all who offered advice on my pale blueberries. I treated the
soil with ammonium sulfate and applied a chelated iron drench. The
healthier ones looked marginally better, and the sickest ones just
looked sicker. A couple weeks later, I bought some Miracid, which I
have now used twice. Shortly after applying the Miracid the healthier
plants greened up nicely and have sprouted new healthy growth. The two
that looked worst are still quite pale, probably worse than they were,
although it's hard to know for sure as the comparison is now so
striking. I don't know if the effects of the first treatments just took
time, or if the Miracid was the magic cure, but all but two of my bushes
are doing great.

I'm afraid the two yellow ones are done for. Anyone have any
recommendations for cultivars to fill the holes? I am looking for short
(lowbush or halfhigh) cultivars, with strong flavor, preferably with
abundant but small berries. I may just replace them with the same types
- Northsky and Northblue. (I have healthy bushes of the same types, so
I don't think the cultivar was a problem.)

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