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cc-licenses - Re: Choose license - Select country

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Subject: Development of Creative Commons licenses

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  • From: Mike Linksvayer <ml AT>
  • To: Discussion on the Creative Commons license drafts <cc-licenses AT>
  • Subject: Re: Choose license - Select country
  • Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2003 10:28:02 -0800

Evan Prodromou wrote:
So, I find the whole iCommons thing really confusing. If my Work is
under a Creative Commons license, isn't that a world-wide license? Or
is that only the USA?

A current CC license may be used worldwide, just like any free software license drafted in the US (AFAIK that's the case for every significant free software license).

The iCommons legal ports allow you to choose a license fine-tuned to a specific legal regime, should you feel the need. I doubt a typical open-to-the-world website would want to do such a thing, but it could be important to institutions operating in/under a given jurisdiction, for example.

(Of course I'm not a lawyer, let alone an international copyright lawyer, so take LSD above my non-advice!)

Is iCommons localization to particular legal jurisdictions, or just
translation to different languages?

The former.

Lastly, of course, ShareAlike. Can I take by-sa content and modify and
redistribute under (say) by-sa-ja or whatever?

You will be able to when we version. :-) :-(, take your pick.

Mike Linksvayer

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