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Thanks Rebecca actually :-)

There should be much DotAsia and CC can work together on.

Wanted to let everyone know that we are working to get our partners to adopt CC license as well!... in the launch of the new CD album by HK celeb Ella Koon, we have released her photo gallery and wallpapers under CC :-)... check it out:





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Subject: [Cc-hk] DotAsia and Creative Commons Join Forces to Foster Creativity and Sharing in Asia


Press releases in Chinese and English:

Full text in both languages pasted below.
(Also see our education-oriented release posted Monday here:

Full details and programme for Saturday's Creative Commons Hong Kong launch are now posted on our website at

Please visit the site sign up for the Oct. 25 launch and Prof. Lessig's Friday lecture if you haven't yet done so!

>From now on we will be posting regular updates in Chinese and English about CCHK on our website... be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed!

And for you Web2.0 addicts: we now have a Twitter feed, Friendfeed, and feed... all accounts with the username "CCHK"
... and don't forget the Facebook group:
.. and Facebook event page:

Thanks to everybody for the hard work that has made the launch possible!


DotAsia and Creative Commons Join Forces to Foster Creativity and Sharing in Asia

Hong Kong, October 20, 2008 - The creativity of Asia's people will be supported and shared thanks to a new long-term strategic partnership between the DotAsia Organisation (DotAsia, and Creative Commons (CC).

DotAsia, the not-for-profit registry operator for the ".Asia" Internet top-level domain, plans to commit US$100,000 to Creative Commons in support of its cause, outreach and community efforts in Asia. In addition, DotAsia will contribute time and effort into assisting in the coordination of events, activities of CC's regional chapters and various other socio-technical initiatives, such as a next generation copyright registry project.

The partnership will be announced by the CEO of Creative Commons, Mr. Joi Ito, and Mr. Edmon Chung, the CEO of DotAsia, during the launch ceremony next Saturday afternoon (Oct 25) for Creative Commons Hong Kong (CCHK) at the HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity, Kowloon, Hong Kong. For more details about the launch event visit:

"We are thrilled to work with Joi and the brilliant team at Creative Commons", said Edmon Chung, "the partnership matches the core mission of DotAsia to promote Internet development and adoption in Asia. It also helps strengthen our connection to the worldwide IPR community. Stay tuned on for CC activities in Asia."

"The contribution from DotAsia is very meaningful to the development of Creative Commons in Asia. Through our partnership with DotAsia," Joi Ito added. "CC can look forward to building stronger rapport with the creative and cultural communities in Greater China and Asia."

Earlier this year DotAsia and the International Federation Against Copyright Theft – Greater China (IFACT-GC), representing the Motion Picture Association (MPA) in Hong Kong, agreed to establish a cooperative mechanism for the online protection of movies and to promote the proactive adoption of the .Asia domain by, and educational programs for, the creative industries around Asia.

About DotAsia Organisation:

DotAsia Organisation ( is a not-for-profit corporation with a mission to promote Internet development and adoption in Asia. The organization oversees the '.Asia' top-level Internet domain name, and is formed as an open consortium of 20 official top-level-domain authorities around the region, including .CN (China), .JP (Japan), .KR (Korea), .IN (India), .NZ (New Zealand), .PH (Philippines), etc., and 5 regional Internet organizations including APNIC, APNG, APCERT, PAN and APTLD. In the past two decades Asia has developed into a global force in the commercial, political and cultural network. The .Asia domain aspires to embrace this dynamism in the Asia Century to become a nucleus, intersection and breeding ground for Internet activity and development in the region.

About Creative Commons

Creative Commons is a not-for-profit organization, founded in 2001, that promotes the creative re-use of intellectual and artistic works, whether owned or in the public domain. Through its free copyright licenses, Creative Commons offers authors, artists, scientists, and educators the choice of a flexible range of protections and freedoms that build upon the "all rights reserved" concept of traditional copyright to enable a voluntary "some rights reserved" approach. Creative Commons was built with and is sustained by the generous support of organizations including the Center for the Public Domain, Omidyar Network, The Rockefeller Foundation, The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, as well as members of the public. For more information about Creative Commons, visit

About Creative Commons Hong Kong

Creative Commons Hong Kong (CCHK) is hosted by the Journalism and Media Studies Centre at the University of Hong Kong. CCHK works with Creative Commons to localize and promote the use of Creative Commons licenses in Hong Kong. For more information about CCHK visit

Media Enquiries:

Pavan Budhrani: 37410015 (pavan AT

DotAsiaCreative Commons攜手合力催生亞洲創意與分享新潮流

DotAsia 機構(DotAsia)和共享創意Creative Commons(CC),將建立長期合作夥伴關係,支持亞洲廣大群眾的創意共享權。負責管理和營運「.Asia」互聯網頂級域名的非牟利機構 DotAsia,計劃投入十萬美元,支持Creative Commons於亞洲區的業務拓展和社群聯繫工作。此外,DotAsia也將投入資源,幫助Creative Commons協調區域內各地分會辦理會展和活動,以及倡議和推動各項創新社會性技術,例如下一代版權註冊管理的項目。

Creative Commons總幹事伊藤穰一,與DotAsia行政總監鍾宏安,將於本週六(1025)下午在香港兆基創意書院舉辦的「香港共享創意」成立典禮上,共同宣佈此合作計劃。

DotAsia行政總監鍾宏安表示:「對於能和伊藤先生以及CC的傑出團隊合作,我們感到非常興奮。這個合作方案既符合DotAsia推動互聯網在亞洲發 展和應用的核心宗旨,也加深了我們與國際知識產權社群的連結。有關CC在亞洲的活動﹐請密切留意www.creativecommons.asia頁。」

Creative Commons總幹事伊藤穰一表示:「DotAsia的貢獻對CC在亞洲的發展有重大意義。透過與DotAsia的合作,CC一定可以進一步融入於大中華區以及亞洲的創意與文化社群。」

在香港代表美國電影協會(Motion Picture Association)的國際版權保護協會(大中華區),早前同意與DotAsia建立一個保護網上電影的合作機制。DotAsia和國際版權保護協 會,將共同向亞洲地區的創意企業,推廣.Asia的註冊域名及舉辦相關教育活動。

DotAsia 機構
DotAsia Organisation是於香港成立的非牟利機構﹐致力貢獻社群及推動亞洲區內互聯網的應用和發展。DotAsia是「.Asia」頂級域名的管理組織 及註冊處,由區內20個國碼頂級域名機構(ccTLD)包括.CN(中國).JP(日本).KR(韓國).IN(印度).NZ(紐西 蘭).PH(菲律賓) 等和5個區內互聯網組織APNICAPNGAPCERTPANAPTLD以開放合作形式建立。亞洲目前在國際商業、政治及文化網絡舉足輕重,而 「.Asia」域名希望能將這股亞洲世紀的動力,凝聚成區內互聯網活動及發展的核心力量。欲知更多有關DotAsia的資料,請瀏覽

「共享創意」在2001年成立,是一個非營利組織,旨在推廣在公共領域或受版權保護的知識和藝術作品得以創意再用。「共享創意」以傳統的「保留全部版權」 制度為基礎,倡議一套靈活的「保留部份版權」條款,讓作家、藝術家、科學家和教育家可以自選的方式和條件發表作品。「共享創意」組織得到多個美國公共領域 團體和基金會以及公眾人士慷慨支持。網址


王嘉屏 (Ping Wong)  電話: 3520-2635  電郵: ping AT


Rebecca MacKinnon
Assistant Professor, Journalism & Media Studies Ctr.
University of Hong Kong   (
E-mail: rmack AT | Tel: +852-2219-4005

"The world is talking. Are you listening?"

Public lead: Creative Commons Hong Kong

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