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Hello friends,

Scroll down for:
Expansion update!
Better times to shop during this project phase.
Wheatsville Expansion Project opening ceremony this Tuesday!
Food news!
Board meeting in new temporary meeting space.

Expansion Update!
Our demolition has gone pretty smoothly so far with a seriously huge  
piece of equipment doing a lot of the work up to this point. They are  
currently excavating the dirt behind the retaining wall in order to  
expose it for demolition. It's pretty fun to watch! Early next week  
should see the demolition of the brick building that we affectionately  
refer to as the Red Door building as well as the beginning of work on  
the former InStep space.

Having a huge piece of power equipment in our parking lot has made  
parking  a little trickier than we're used to and we've had some  
traffic jams at certain times of the day. We appreciate your patience  
in this process. I do have some suggestions, though for better times  
to shop.
If you can adjust your shopping, you might find that the auto parking  
is easier during the the following times:
Early mornings from open until about 11 or 11:30am.
Mid-afternoon from 2:30-4
Evenings after 8pm.

After 5pm and on weekends, there is potentially parking to the north  
side of Wheatsville that you could also try.

All staff are parking off premises or finding alternative transport to  
get to work to free up as much space as possible for you to shop, but  
it will still be a squeeze during the busiest times. Once again, I  
thank you for your patience during our project.

Maybe you would like to join your co-op board at a small ceremony to  
celebrate the beginning of our long-awaited project? We'll be having a  
short informal ceremony in the parking lot at 5:30 on Tuesday April  
29th. We'll have light refreshments and probably a minimum of  
speechifyin'. (You might consider parking off premise if possible ; )

Check out our expansion updates with pictures on-line at http://www.wheatsville.coop/expansion.html

Food news!

This is your last weekend to come in for April Co-op Advantage  
Specials. (We'll have more different specials in May, though!)

In the deli!
The Wheatsville Deli's been celebrating the warm weather with some  
tasty treats: barbecued all-natural chicken pieces, grilled garlic- 
butter ahi tuna steaks and curry lime chicken salad! Our bakers have  
been cooking
up a storm as well: creamy slices of kiwi fruit-topped vegan  
cheesecake have been appearing in the self-serve case. And another hot  
weather cooler, cucumber-dill cream cheese, has made its seasonal  
return to the
cheese case. Try some on a bagel, or spread on a celery stick!

Here's the latest from Mike Crissey, our Perishables Buyer:


I am continuing to cull slower movers out of the dairy cooler and  
freezer as renovation continues. We don't have a clear picture of what  
may happen in the store yet. Products and departments may be moved to  
other places and we may have to consolidate all of the refrigerated  
product in a cooler or two when we get new equipment. I've been  
working with Dan and Niki to fine-tune our product mix so we can be  
prepared if we find ourselves short on cooler space. This doesn't mean  
these products won't come back after renovation is complete.

Here's the latest list of items I'm working to discontinue. This week  
it's frozen:

Amy's Frozen Meals: Although most of these meals are popular (they  
helped me get started on a vegetarian and organic diet), we have a few  
items that just aren't as popular.

Amy's Cheese Lasagna, Amy's Tofu Scramble, Amy's Tofu Ranchero, Amy's  
Country Meal, Amy's Thai Stir-fry Bowl and Amy's Santa Fe Enchilada  
Bowls will be on sale for $3.99 ($.50 off) down from their regular  
prices of $4.49. Also, the Amy's Shepherd's Pie which is on sale for  
$1.99 this month.

Meanwhile, we're discontinuing one of the Amy's pockets -- the Tofu  
Scramble, which are also on sale for $1.89.

Hytop Vegetables: These are by far the least expensive frozen  
vegetables in the co-op but it seems like we support Woodstock Farms  
and Cascadian Farms although they're more expensive. We sell three  
times as much Cascadian Farms and about twice as many Woodstock Farms  
frozen vegetables as Hytop in an average month. Until we sell out,  
Hytop vegetables will be 60 to 80 cents off (reg. $1.59 to $1.79, now  

Food-For-Life Raisin Pecan Bread: This product is among our slowest  
moving frozen breads.We sold about two cases of it last month compared  
to five or six cases for the other Food-For-Life breads and 15 to 20  
cases for Ezekiel breads. The FFL Raisin Pecan bread will be on sale  
for $4.29 (70 cents off) until we run out.

French Meadow Sunflower-Flax bread: This is another of our slower  
moving frozen breads. We sold about two cases last month. It will be  
on sale for $3.99, down from its regular price of $3.99.

Your board at work
Our next board meeting is this coming Tuesday APRIL 29TH, following  
the ceremony at 6pm in our new temporary meeting space at 406 West  
30th. It's on the northeast corner of 30th & Fruth (two short blocks  
east of Guadalupe), directly across the street from Trudy's and just  
down the street from Spiderhouse. The meeting is from 6-9 and you are  
invited to attend.


Have you or someone you know wondered what more you could do for our  
cooperative? Then the Nominations Committee of the Wheatsville Board  
of Directors wants to talk to you. We have four general seats open in  
the upcoming September election. If you have a gold card (investment  
ownership) you are eligible to run for the board. Typically, directors  
spend an an average of one to three hours per week between board  
meetings and committees they may serve on. If you'd like more  
information, please contact the Nominations Committee atnominations at wheatsville.coop 
  or contact board member Bob Kinney (bkinney at wheatsville.coop) or  
Mike Crissey (mcrissey at wheatsville.coop).

Sports news!

I had a lead-off triple and scored the go-ahead run in the 10th inning  
as Bookpeople beat The Chronicle 13-9 Monday night. The Filthy Animals  
jumped out to an early 4-0 lead but The Chronicle tied it at 5 all in  
the fifth inning and jumped out to a 9-6 lead in the sixth. Bookpeople  
whittled away the lead, tying the game at 9 in the top of the ninth  
innning. I hit a line drive down the third base line for a triple and  
was driven in with a single to right field to put Bookpeople ahead for  
good in the extra frame. The next three Filthy Animals all scored,  
driven in by an in-the-park homer by Bookpeople's second baseman.


I have temporarily joined Bookpeople as they play other independent  
Austin businesses in softball, but I'd really like to get a  
Wheatsville team together. In past years, we found enough employees to  
make a squad, but this year we haven't been so lucky. Anyone who'd  
like to play softball -- even if you've never played -- should send me  
an e-mail at mcrissey at wheatsville.coop. We typically practice  
Wednesdays or Thursdays and Sundays. We have to have the most healthy  
and fit folks in town. Let's play ball.

I hope that you have a great week!
Wheatsville GM and e-mail guy!
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