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Mon Aug 28 06:42:50 EST 2056

> The Australian Government spends
>more on its indigenous population than it does on Defence or its  War
>Veteran community   Lets not presume she has no access to anything, least of
>all support for her wishes.
>Bill Kearney

Hey Bill - did you realise that over 80% of this (so-called Aboriginal) 
money goes into white wages, lurks and perks - most of the whites 
fleecing the 'aboriginal aid industry' are racists, hate Aboriginals or 
have condescending patriarchial attitudes and have no interest whatsoever 
in solving any problems - to the contrary they have a vested interest in 
perpetuating the problems to keep their cushy jobs.
Assumptions are dangerous things and lead to ill-informed opinions and 
unfair judgements. 
I could give a massive rave on this issue but don't have time right now - 
just please don't fall into the trap of the mindless racism of our 'one 
nation' of fools and bigotted idiots that have absolutely no idea of 
what's really going on in their own backyard when it comes to Aboriginal 

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