[permaculture] Tools for Organic Farming: A manual of appropriate equipment and treatments

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Tools for Organic Farming:  A manual of appropriate equipment and treatments
*Editor*: George McRobi
*e  **Published:*  1990

Large-scale capital-intensive farming is being increasingly questioned, in
both developed and developing countries. This book lists small-scale and
relatively inexpensive tools for organic farmers, wherever they are in the

With Schumacher, he was co-founder, in 1966, of the Intermediate Technology
Development Group, an organization known since 2005 as Practical Action.
Following Schumacher’s death in 1977, George McRobie carried on their joint
work by writing a practical guide called Small Is Possible, published in
1981. More recently, McRobie has served as President of the Soil
Association, Britain’s foremost farm organization promoting organic
Prelims - Tools for Organic Farming 1. Tools for Organic Farming

Title Page, Copyright Information, Contents
PDF: https://www.developmentbookshelf.com/doi/pdf/10.3362/9781780443652.000

This Manual’s antecedents go back to the first days of the Intermediate
Technology Development Group. Very soon after a few of us had helped E.F.
Schumacher to form the Group, we produced Tools for Progress, a guide to
relatively inexpensive equipment for small-scale and rural development. It
included equipment for farming, manufacturing and processing. It was, of
course, far from exhaustive, and some of the equipment may not have been
exactly right for the rural poor. But it was of crucial importance because
it served to focus attention on the fact, then far from widely understood,
that the large-scale and expensive technology of the rich was no good for
poor people in poor communities. To meet their needs a different technology
had to be discovered or devised: small, simple, capital- and energy-saving,
non-violent toward people and their environment. The enthusiasm with which
Tools for Progress was received around the world left the Group in no doubt
that it was on the right track.
PDF: https://www.developmentbookshelf.com/doi/pdf/10.3362/9781780443652.000

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