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VIDEO: Water for All - World Water Day 2019
IPS World Desk
Water is a precondition for human existence, and for the sustainability of
our planet. It is entwined with almost everything human, from climate
change and global economy to gender issues and human rights. Worldwide, 100
million families are stuck in a cycle of poverty and disease, because they
... * MORE > > *
9 of the 10 Worst Global Risks are Linked to Water
Jens Berggren
Every year, the World Economic Forum asks some 1,000 decision-makers from
the public sector, business, academia and civil society across the globe to
assess the risks facing the world over the decade to come. Since 2012,
water crisis has consistently been ranked as one of the threats with the
... * MORE > > *
It's Simple, but Requires Determination
Monika Weber-Fahr
I am drafting this on International Women's Day - March 8 - with an eye
towards World Water Day on March 22. On International Women's Day we
celebrate progress in gender equality. At the same time, we recognize how
much remains to be done: how many women remain excluded from
decision-making across ... * MORE > > *
Women Take the Lead Tackling Climate Change in Bangladesh
Jonathan Farr and Samia Mallik, WaterAid
The stakes are high for women when faced with a warming world - their
livelihoods jeopardised by labour markets that tend to put men first, their
family responsibilities increasing rapidly in the face of droughts and
flooding, and politicians who refuse to acknowledge the challenges they
face. The ... * MORE > > *
Three Takeaways from Disaster Relief in Puerto Rico
Mark Baker
Those of us working in disaster relief know what to expect when a hurricane
or earthquake strikes with devastating fury. We know that safe water, food,
and shelter will be the most immediate needs for survivors. And we have a
good idea of the kind of wreckage we'll see, although we never cease ... *
MORE > > *
Access to Water Is a Daily Battle in Poor Neighborhoods in Buenos Aires
Daniel Gutman
"Look at this water. Would you drink it?" asks José Pablo Zubieta, as he
shows a glass he has just filled from a faucet, where yellow and brown
sediment float, in his home in Villa La Cava, a shantytown on the outskirts
of Argentina's capital. In La Cava, as in all of Argentina's slums and ... *
MORE > > *
Local School Is a Model for Energy and Water in Rapa Nui
Orlando Milesi
A school in the capital of Easter Island (Rapa Nui, in the local indigenous
tongue) gives an example of clean management with the use of solar energy,
rainwater recovery and an organic vegetable garden, as well as rooms and
spaces built with waste materials. Rapa Nui is a Chilean territory in ... *
MORE > > *
Reverse Engineering for SDGs
Kakoli Ghosh
and Loreta Zdanovaite
When young people from small towns and villages seek higher education they
have to usually migrate to big cities leaving their local communities
behind. On completion of their degree from the Universities, they generally
prefer staying in cities, in search of a good job and a successful career.
... * MORE > > *
Removing Arsenic from Groundwater: We Have the Tools, Let's Use Them
Yina Shan, Praem Mehta, Duminda Perera, & Yurissa Varela
Cost-effective technologies are available to remove arsenic in groundwater.
Why then do tens of millions still fall ill to this chronic problem? High
natural levels of arsenic are characteristic of the groundwater supply in
many countries, including Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Mongolia, and the ... *
MORE > > *
Moving Beyond Just Building Toilets
Pratima Joshi
One of the most laudable initiatives of the current government's regime is
the Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) that was launched on Oct 2, 2014, with a
larger vision of a clean India. The critical aspect of the mission was
that-unlike many of the movements that preceded it-this had a measurable
outcome ... * MORE > > *
Wasting & Dining: the New Water Dilemma
Jan Lundqvist
Concerns about the supply side of food systems are shifting from
insufficient production and supply, to issues likely to affect food
production in the medium and long term, such as water risks, global warming
and environmental consequences. To produce an average diet in rich
communities, ... * MORE > > *
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