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>  Great idea about this perma-certification!
> The most perma-sites in Bulgaria are not certificated, I understood this
> during my research in the country.


> The most important, what they say is that "We are the face and the
> guarantee for our product, important is our personal contact with the
> clients, who we KNOW and build trust to each other. They can visit us and
> ask all questions or take part in the production process

That is the distilled essence of farmer-owned, farmer-run, farmer-for local
market farming built on a customer-farmer relationship of trust, the same
as it has been for hundreds of years in nearly every country. He stated it
really well.

> ...conventional must register, because they produce with chemicals and
> damage the land ..."

Of course.. That is the way it should be. In Latvia conventional operations
using chemicals and pesticides are not allowed in the marketplace.

> This is of course possible only for small-scale and local grown and sold
> production.This is also a form of protest against the big burden of the
> state administration and all the costs around it.
> Best wishes,
> Donka Radeva
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>  On Tue, Mar 19, 2019 at 7:07 AM Rhonda Baird via permaculture <
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> > Braden Trauth and some others set up and trademarked a certification
> based
> > on permaculture called Permaganics Authenticated. Still in a roll-out
> > phase, it is intended to help solve this problem.
> >
> > That is impressive. Please keep us informed about progress with adoption
> of this certification. Do you have any links to websites for this?
> > -Rhonda Baird

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