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Instead of a wall, what if we built an energy corridor? - Purdue University

*Building an energy corridor along the border instead of just a wall would
be a 'giant leap for mankind,' bringing security and jobs to the region,
says a Purdue University-led national consortium of engineers and

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Instead of a wall, build a first-of-its-kind energy
park that spans the 1,954 miles of the border between the United States and
Mexico to bring energy, water, jobs and border security to the region.

That's the audacious plan put forward by a consortium of 28 prestigious
engineers and scientists from across the nation who propose that the two
nations work together on an enormous infrastructure project: a complex
train of solar energy panels, wind turbines, natural gas pipelines,
desalination facilities that together would create an industrial park along
the border unlike anything found anywhere else in the world.

The facilities would provide the desired border security, the researchers
say, because utility facilities and infrastructure must be well-protected.
The connected energy parks would also be an economic driver, both in the
construction of the facilities themselves and in the businesses that would
be attracted to the region by cheap electricity and plentiful water
resources. Comments from co-authors of the proposal to build an
energy-water-security corridor are available *here*

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