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>From the American Fork and Hoe True Temper Tools and Their Uses catalog of
1907 these memorable words laden with deep meaning from President Roosevelt
and Agriculture Secretary Wilson:
[image: SmallFarmingIntensiveCultivationOfCrops2.jpg]
[image: SmallFarmingIntensiveCultivationOfCrops1.jpg]

See the book Intensive Culture of Vegetables Using the French Method by
Aquatias. I am sure this contributed to the evolution of 20th century
literature on biointensive market gardening. I put together two documents
on garden tools and sources and raised bed gardening (see Emelia Hazelip
about this subject, literature and videos), in need of updating:
Gardening & Hantdtool Sourcelist
Garden and Farm Handtool Sourcelist & Biointensive Gardening Guide

Other things of interest:

Alan Chadwick Living Library & Archive

Emilia Hazelip's Synergistic Agriculture - Collected Papers

Marc Bonfils' Agricultural Research

See in particular:
Soils In Biological Agriculture
Additional Soil Quality Links and Literature
Glomalin: Hiding Place for a Third of the World's Stored Soil       Carbon
- ARS Bulletin
Compost Tea, Soil Foodweb, Soil Quality Discussion
Archive 1
Archive 2
Archive 3
Archive 4
Archive 5
Gardening Hand Tool Sourcelist
Tractor Tillage Equipment and Methods
Smallfarm machinery, equipment, handtools information
Constructed Wetlands, Links & Information
A Permaculture Bibliography
PAWA Permaculture Booklist
Comments On Patterning

Other websites, blogs, pages and videos I discovered recently:

Korean Natural Farming'

One Scythe Revolution
Botan Anderson

International Scythe Network

Scything Improver's Forum

American Fork and Hoe True Temper Tools and Their Uses catalog of 1907


1907 American Fork & Hoe Company, True-Temper, Tools And Their Uses.pdf


Native American Zinnia Mythology
Zinnia flowers and leaves are used by many southwestern tribes as medicinal
and ritual herbs. The zinnia is considered one of the sacred Life Medicines
of the Navajo tribe. To some Pueblo tribes zinnias are a symbol of wisdom,
and they were fed to young children in hopes of making them grow up
intelligent and well-spoken. More prosaically, zinnias were also used by
southwestern tribes to make bright colors for dyes and paints.

Glomalin: Hiding Place for a Third of the World's Stored Soil Carbon

Double Digging Gardening Method

Digging your garden

Double Digging

See also:
John Jeavon's book "How To Grow More Vegetables" and his website Bountiful
All books by Eliot Coleman

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