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Bayer's Monsanto, a subforum at Reddit - subscribe and participate

Bayer's Monsanto

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Tell the EPA and FDA: Immediately suspend Monsanto's Roundup herbicide

*UNUSUAL Down Vote ACTIVITY* -- As Monsanto
<https://www.reddit.com/r/Monsanto> pays for lobbyists, media PR, and
military attacks on protesters, it's not surprising posts that don't
applaud the corporation and its products get attacked here on reddit. The
following posts show high DV even though the post is from a reliable source:

   - Days since last *FAKE SPAM REPORT*: 240

*Monsanto's Round Up formula remains secret & unavailable for testing by
independent scientists*

Opposition to building a GMO factsheet

OrangicFarming doesnt want to know USDA won't take action to prevent
further contamination by GMOs

   - Click Here to politely request that reddit administrators investigate
   the censoring of critical articles about GMO crops & Agbiobusiness by the
   relentless, targeted downvoting and spam misreporting of Monsanto and GMO
   critical article submissions <http://www.reddit.com/feedback/>

Please include a screen saved image of the pertinent suspiciously down
voted or incorrectly spam registered submission, if possible

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*External Resources*

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