[permaculture] Fwd: How Monsanto Bankrupted the American Farm

Lawrence London lfljvenaura at gmail.com
Sun Feb 17 19:23:58 EST 2019

How Monsanto Bankrupted the American Farm

and how Bayer decimated most of America's honeybee population with their
neonicotinoid insecticides
no affordable honey on America's grocery shelves any more
few if any local honey producers

Bayer and Monsanto's home base is Germany, second to England, greedhead
capital of the world
Hitler's revenge on the West from the grave

Amazon will pay $0 in taxes on $11,200,000,000 in profit for 2018

now Sanet goes away, the main, maybe the only, online watering hole for
America's farmers, especially the organic ones, for decades,
with enough priceless information it its message archives dating from 1991
to write a best selling book on the origins of America's organic farming
not hard to figure out why that is happening; just look at the EPA and the
same thing happened in Canada a while back
here is what a friend wrote me about that:

"The same thing happened in Canada a few years back, during the regime of
Stephen Harper. He was their version of a Tea Party candidate (there are a
lot of TP types up there). And he was annoyed at the activities of the
Canadian Dept of Fisheries, in the same way the right wingers here are
concerned about the activities of the EPA. That is, the Fisheries people
were coming up with good rules to regulate fishing in Canadian waters,
based on two centuries of good oceanographic and fisheries research. So he
got rid of the research. All 15 or so stations across Canada were shut
down, and their staffs let go. So people with institutional memories were
let go. All their research programs were stopped. So that if you had
records of herring migrations, annual herring catches, the natural history
of spawning habits, historic range of the species, etc, from 1750 forward,
the record would have a gap in it, beginning around 2008 and continuing
today. But someone could still pick up Humpty Dumpty's pieces and try to
fit them back together, because all the files were there, stored away in
perpetuity. And at some future time, when people who realized what a loss
it was came back in power, it could be pieced back together. So Harper had
trucks load up all the historic records and haul them away to the landfill.
Then he held a giant book sale, to get rid of all the books in the
libraries. And the ones that didn't sell also got hauled away to the
landfill. So now we have nothing much, from that whole endeavor. It's gone.
Obviously someone in the Ag Dept felt the same way about Sanet. Sustainable
agriculture, to them, was a threat to corporate agriculture-- a threat the
government has no business propagating. So it's time all the old files were
magnetized, and their electrons sent back out into the ether.
Since Trump has been president, this kind of thing has been happening
behind the scenes in every department. Labor has been gutted. Commerce has
been gutted. Even State has been gutted. Because the forces that now reign
decided long ago, that if they ever got into power they would destroy it so
completely no one could ever put it back again.
These are the times we live in."

And never forget how a drunk on the exxon valdez wiped out Alaska's herring
industry. Herring for Americans, it has little or no heavy metals unlike
most table and canned fish on the market.
How is it that filthy rich greedheads and crazy politicos are able to do
these things to our country?

Lawrence F. London, Jr.
lfljvenaura at gmail.com

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