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On Wednesday, February 13, 2019 at 2:43:59 PM UTC-5, Sean McGovern (SARE
Outreach) wrote:
> Dear SANET Subscribers:
> As part of an initiative to redesign our online presence, SARE will be
> phasing out the SANET Google group effective March 31. Subscribers are
> encouraged to use the group until that date to organize alternative forums
> to continue the discussion about sustainable agriculture.
> Thanks for your participation in this forum.
> --
> Sean McGovern
> SARE Outreach

I have created a Google group for those interested in having an alternative
sustainable agriculture forum to use with the same traditional content as

It is located here:

Sustainable Agriculture and Permaculture Network

[I included Permaculture in the group description because many will want to
submit posts about that topic as they relate to sustainable agriculture]
Everyone is welcome including co-owners and moderators.

I hope many will subscribe and keep the incredible spirit of the Sanet
group alive and thriving.

Lawrence London


lfljvenaura at gmail.com

Lawrence F. London, Jr.
lfljvenaura at gmail.com

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